Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Town Election: Mike Hiobs New Political Slogan Doesn’t Make Any Sense

michael_hiob Aberdeen city councilman Mike Hiob released his first political mailer this week. The flyer includes an unusual political slogan : “Leadership from the inside out …not the outside in”. What does that mean? It sounds like a good football play but not a good political idea. And doesn’t “inside-out” mean “backwards”? Here’s a better slogan for Mike Hiob : “What would Fred Do?” Mike Hiob has been endorsed by the right-wing Republican political blog ,The Dagger, which began as a blog two years ago to help Fred Simmons get re-elected. And when he lost the endorsement of his own New Harford Democratic Club he attacked the Club in the Dagger stating:”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement to assist me in MY EFFORT TO RETURN CONTROL OF THE OFFICE OF MAYOR TO A CITIZEN WHO ACTUALLY LIVES IN ABERDEEN”. Hiob also atttacked his political opponent after losing the endorsement stating: “The endorsement is just another confirmation that Helton and Bennett are connected at the hip (or somewhere else).” Hiob even attcked the endorsement itself stating that it “will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly to the benefit of Mike Bennett and the spreading (sic) slime about me.”.Leadership inside-out or outside-in should not resort to vulgar personal attacks or irrational tirades if one doesnt get ones way.

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