Aegis/Sun – Racial Profiling In Harford County ? – Racial Discrimination Suit Filed Against Harford County Sheriffs Office

Aegis/Sun1   Aegis/Sun/Cache   PullingOverForPrjudiceDiscrimination Suit Filed Vs Two Deputies, by Erika Butler,Wednesday, August 18, 2010 The Aegis Page A3

   The Republican Aegis’s  ace legal reporter Erika Butler reports that ,” Jeffrey Champion and Stanley Farrow both of Stamford, Conn. ,filed the suit Aug. 2 in Harford County Circuit Court against Robert Schultz and Anthony Pernasilice, who were sheriff’s deputies involved in the arrest, according to the suit,as well as the Harford County Sheriff’s Office , Sheriff Jesse Bane, Harford County and the State of Maryland.”

    The Aegis further reports that, ” The plantiffs claim they were targeted by sheriff’s deputies because of their ‘African American color’ and the deputies and Maryland State Police trooper who were part of the traffic stop used excessive force in their ‘race-based discrimination, an evil motive, ill will and physical aggression demonstrating an intent to injure’, the suit claims.”

   The Aegis reporter also points out  that , “When asked,  Champion and Farrow both said no drugs or weapons were in the car. Police searched the entire car, including the trunk and glovebox as well as Champion and Farrow and their suitcases and found nothing, the suit claims”.

    The  Aegis concludes that , “No contraband was found and police threw their belongings back in the car and told Champion and Farrow to go on their way, without any apology, according to the suit.”

   The Aegis also points out that ,” Champion and Farrow are seeking $500,000 in compensatrory damages and $1 million in punitive damages in each count of the 12-count suit for false arrest, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, battery and violations of their rights.”

   The Aegis also reports that the alleged incident occurred on November 20, 2008 ,  two weeks after the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

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One Response to “Aegis/Sun – Racial Profiling In Harford County ? – Racial Discrimination Suit Filed Against Harford County Sheriffs Office”

  1. Pilar Cortes Says:

    It appears that racial profiling continues in Harford County Maryland. Just yesterday, July 23, 2012, two Hispanic construction workers, who were sitting in a truck, engine off, were asked to provide identification – I guess they looked ‘illegal’ to the Sheriff.

    Neither individual had broken an city ordinance or was in the process of a violating a law – their only crime; being Hispanic.

    One individual was detained because according to the Sheriff stated that he was in violation of Probation. The so called violation was a charge dating back to 2001, driving with an expired license. Even if this was the case, the statute of limitations had passed and therefore the individual could not be detained.

    This is clearly racial.


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