Art Helton ‘Knock-Out” Mailer – 80% Of Success In Life Is Just Showing Up

         Will someone please explain that to state Senator Nancy Jacobs?

       Why she’s ‘No-Show Nancy’. In the 2007 Special Session, the”most important” in fifty years, too often it was ” No SHOW NANCY”… 

       On SB 2: Did Not Vote     On HB 1: Did Not Vote   On SB3: Did Not Vote      On HB 4: Did not vote

      For the entire special session , the Senator missed 22.3% of all Senate floor votes. What’s more in Governor Ehrlich’s 2004 special session, Jacobs missed twelve of fifteen floor votes…

     And thats why having Nancy Jacobs represent us is just like having an empty chair. There’s a better choice for all of us…


One Response to “Art Helton ‘Knock-Out” Mailer – 80% Of Success In Life Is Just Showing Up”

  1. Joe Says:

    She missed a whopping 18 votes of 10,000 for her father’s funeral and her husband’s cancer. Oh no!

    Art Helton missed 1.018 votes or almost 25% of ALL the votes he cast!

    How can you attack her on this?


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