Too Much,Too Little, Too Late – McGrady Internal Polls Force Desperate Last Minute UnFocused Political Ad Blitz of Lies, Deception And Fear Mongering

     Patrick McGrady, the  typical Right Wing, Libertarian ,Tea Party Republican. For six months he parrots Bob Ehrlichs simplistic  slogan ‘More Jobs,Less Taxes’. Then in the last week before the Election his internal polls don’t look good. So he desperately sends out eight or more different political mailers  in the last three days – an unfocused political blitz of lies, deception and fear mongering.

     One of the three mailers on Saturday attacks Democrats Mary-Dulany James,   Marla Posey-Moss and even  McGrady’s co-conspirator Republican Glenn Glass. The attack is basicly the lie that  Democrats equal higher taxes. No facts, just malarky. The second Saturday mailer just attacks the Democrats,  James and Posey-Moss. This one repeats the the ‘higher taxes’ fear-mongering lies, but this time its written in one inch letters on the back of the mailer. Not only does McGrady think Dist 34 voters are stupid, he thinks their blind.

     The third mailer McGrady attacks just Marla Posey-Moss.  The attack now changes. Posey-Moss is a “progressive”. Its written  in one inch letters again on the front and back.  McGrady is an extreme right-wing libertarian Tea-Party Republican and he thinks that Dist 34 voters are against “progress” and are very blind.

     So who is  McGrady  running against? Everyone? Any Democrat? Or just one “progressive” Democrat? And what is he running against? Taxes or Progress? If  McGrady wanted to run a successful lying Republican campaign he  should have patterned  himself after the disgraced Chuck Boutin campaign eight years ago.

  l.  Boutin didn’t run his campaign against everybody. He picked one target (Dan Riley) and made up lies just about him

 2. And Boutin didnt just lie with mailers. He lied with newspaper ads. He lied with radio ads. And he lied with tv ads.

 3. And finally, Boutin didn’t just lie for the last three or four days. He lied early and late. He lied for weeks on end. He lied during the whole campaign. He lied so much for so long  and in so many media outlets that he fooled enough voters to win.

     McGrady’s campaign  failed to focus, focus, focus. Too many targets, too little media, too little time. Too Much, Too little, Too late.

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