Aegis/Sun – Here We Go Again! Aegis Journalist Allan Vought Uses “Distasteful Language” (i.e. Racist Xenophobic Stereotyping) in Etc Column

 Distasteful Language,Reader Taken Aback By Wording In Recent Etc . Column.The Aegis, Open Forum. Letters to the Editor, May, 2011

“I am writing in regard to Allan Vought’s recent Etc. coulumn , ‘Middle Eastern Despots Are Hard To Let Go Of’…Characterizing the attacks on 9/11 as  ‘Muslim’ is disturbing. These  heartless attacks were the work of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It is inflamatory to paint them as ‘Muslim’ attacks…That kind of characterization casts a slur on the majority of Muslims who are not a part of the jihadist movement…In addition ,the pejorative ‘Muslim tar baby’ with all of its racist connotaions was very offensive… Finally , this sentence ‘…you either play by our rules,or go back to riding camels instead of Mercedes-Benzes and living in tents instead of luxury high rise buildings’, with its stereotyping of Arabs and the nomadic lifestyle, was pure xenophobia.” Janis Jordan, Bel Air

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