DodgyDagger/Common Cents – Question: How Could The Majority In District 34 Put (Glenn Glass) In Office? [06:24:11] Answer: Glass Won With A Plularity of 25.27%…He Got One Fourth Of The Vote!…Though, Every Time He Opens His Mouth He Loses Votes. In Four Years He Should Be The Most Unpopular “True Politician*”In Harford!

It doesn’t take  a majority to win in District 34. Mary-Dulany James won first place with 29.22% of the vote. Glenn Glass came in second with 25.27%. 40,000 votes and Glenn Glass won with 10,931 votes. It was a four-way race for two positions. Glass won with name recognition…he’s been standing on the side of road with his signs for five years begging for the job.  No media outlet defined any of the four candidates in any significant way. The Sun doesn’t care anymore  about local politics. (Five years ago The Sun did a superficial piece  of journalism on Glass that informed us that he had red hair,  owned a blue truck,  and drove a yellow bus.)  The Aegis never did care. And the Harford League of Women Voters for the first time in recent history held no public forum to expose the State office candidates  to public scrutiny .

Glenn Glass is a political anomally in Dist 34A. But essentially he is “political fungi”. He thrives in the political information darkness. And he will expire in the light of public scrutiny. His first campaign fizzled in 2006 after  his incompetence was exposed at the LWV Public Forum at HCC. And his incompetent voting habits in Annapolis and his uninformed public words will expose him everyday for the next three or four years. Glass is is a temporary deviation or discrepancy from the norm. An anomally.

*True Politician – A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons. A scheemer, an intriguer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways. A scheeming opportunist. A chancer.


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