You Can’t Win Aberdeen Elections If Your In The Tea Party

    You cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. As soon as you say Tea Party you loose 40 to 50% of the Aberdeen vote. The liberal-moderate common sense voters make up most of the voters in Aberdeen.  Your fighting for every one of the other 50%. It cant be done. Patrick “Shady” McGrady use to brag he was a Tea Party organizer. He attended all the Harford Campaign for Liberty rallies. During his short-run campaign for Mayor of Aberdeen he never mentions the dirty little words. Maybe everyone will forget. They wont. He doesnt mention that he’s a libertarian either. He just tells us he’s for smaller government. Aberdeen is small government, about as small as your gonna get. What does he mean he wants small government.? Grover Norquest , the libertarian tax nut spells out what the Republican libertarians want. He says “I want government small enough so I can drag it in the bathroom and drown it.” Thats what  I think McGrady wants. Our last experiment with libertarian government wasnt so long ago. What was his name?…Simpson? …Simmons?…Fred Simmons? We learned quickly after his mysterious campaigin (Who Is FredSimmon?/Who Is John Galt?) that he  was an Ayn Rand libertarian fanatic. And his grand scheme for Aberdeen was to Annex the Wetlands Golf Course and allow his libertarian paradise of overdevelopement to be built. His libertarian dream was deferred by a mass uprising in Aberdeen and a special referendum election. When that didnt quite put a stake in the heart of the libertarian “land deal” the crazy voters threw Mayor Simmons and one his political allies out of office. I forget his allies name, some grubby mysoginist who self-destucted with his black berry e-mails and other nonsense. That was 2007.  ( Bennett 54.88%-Simmons 37.65%) In 2009 the libertarian   “vampire” tried to return under the guise of Mike Hiob’s challenge to Aberdeen Mayor Bennett. Hiob was for reviving the “land deal” . Its a new ball game. The past is past. Now is now. Wetlands Annex is a  good idea now. Hiob got lots of developer money to run his campaign to take back the “libertarian dream” . Didnt he have a billboard down by the B&O? And the last week of the election  he had this expensive campaign van driving all over town with electronic campaigning messages eminating from it. It was silly .   (Bennett 52.89% – Hiob 39.71%)

      Now  McGrady , the Libertarain Tea Party candidate, wants to “restore honesty to government”. McGrady tells the AberdeenPatch journalists that he’ll have no problem being Mayor  because he has been talking to some of the conservative members of the City Council and they agree with him.  Instantly the conservative members of the City Council  e-mail the AberdeenPatch and deny they have spoke with McGrady and deny agreeing with him.  This is McGrady’s idea of “restoring honesty to government”. Lieing to the press and  the public. (Is that ethical?) He also has no experience.    I wonder why no one ever asked McGradys opinion  about the “land deal”? It doesnt really matter. Because you cant win Aberdeen elections if your in the Tea Party. Its the demographics. You might win in Bel Air or Havre de Grace. But you cant win in Aberdeen. The demographics are rigged against the Tea Party in Aberdeen.


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