Republican Tea Party Extremist Patrick “Dirty Water” McGrady On Election Eve Went On WAMD Radio And Promised He Would Stand Up For The People of Aberdeen And “Get Arrested” By Refusing To Pay The ENR Fee On Sewage Bills

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McGrady:  What I would do is to go to  bat for the people…. In order to fix it we’re going to need to change the way we do business in Aberdeen. What that means is when the Governor says  do this–I will go and stand up. ..I would get arrested for you. If the Governor says we’re going to arrest you without passing this, I will let them arrest me. …They passesd a law that says  the water has to be  this clean,  your not making the water clean they can arrest you. I would get arrested for the people of the city of Aberdeen because its not right. At some point someone needs to standup for the people who live here and say look this doesnt make sense. The cost benefit is not there and we’re not going to take on  $9 milion in debt to pay for this.

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