KFV3Z – Translating Republican-Speak


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  1. Paul Deering Says:

    “Twenty Angels” is an original song and video composed with aloha (love) for the kids, teachers, families and community of Newtown, Connecticut. I hope that Twenty Angels can contribute to some healing and to meaningful change. I had pretty much finished the song but realized the chorus needed something more. Then I saw Anderson Cooper’s interview with the parents of Grace McDonnell — I was blown away by the love and peace in the parents’ hearts as well as in their daughter’s. And I was transfixed by the little girl’s wonderful artwork, especially her painting of a fish. That night I dreamt of Grace‚Äôs artwork and saw her fish painting — the line “Fingerpaint in the sky” came to me. I got right up at 4:00am and wrote it down, along with the remainder of the chorus.



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