Wacky-Wacko Conspiracy? – Did Republican County Councilman Wacky Joe “I’m Packin” Woods Really Think of His “Nullification” Resolution While Coming Back From Annapolis Upset And Angry About The New Gun Laws? Or Was It The Challege From the Kooky Cecil Tea Party Republican Del.Mikey Smiegel? Or Was It When He Was Talkin To Wacko Republican Candidate for Sheriff Jeff “We Need More Guns” Gahler? *



*Wacko Repub Candidate for Sheriff Jeffery Gahler has promised if elected Sheriff of Nottingham…I mean Harford County, he will arbitrally enforce Federal gun laws. Get it , Wacko Gabler talks Federal “nullification”” and Wacky Woodsy talks State “nullification”. Simpatico Angry Ex-Cops…with guns! Oh, no! This sounds like a bad (But funny! See Pat Haggerty smiling?) Elmore Leonard novel!!!

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