Was She Pushed Or Did She Jump? Did Arthur Helton And “Dutch” Ruppersberger Push Nancy Jacobs Into Retirement?

1198-1-3193b1198-1-1257b155125_104388976299337_3582746_n007What pushed Nancy Jacobs, the Godmother of the Harford Republican party,  to retire? Did Sen. Jacobs really “jump” because of “family matters” …..Or  was she pushed by two major political defeats? In her 2010 reelection victory, Sen Jacobs lost Harford County  to Athur Helton. She only won re-election with the reactionary Republican vote  in West Cecil County part of District 34. Then redistricting in 2012 removed West Cecil County from Senate District 34 leaving Sen. Jacobs with a dilemma. Faceing a possible defeat in 2014 with a less reactionary voter-base in District 34,  Sen Jacobs wrongly thought maybe there was a political escape  route in running  for Congress in the heavily Democratic 2nd district against the popular Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger. The voters in Congressional District 2 didnt buy Sen. Jacobs  nose-bleed reactionary Conservatism . She was savagely beaten by Ruppersberger.  Game over. The Democrats and Independent voters in South Harford want a more moderate candidate in the State Senate .

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