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AberdeenPatch – Craigs Running Mate Wants To Remove “Regulatory Burden” On Maryland Business Climate, But Quotes Business Climate Ranking From the “Tax Foundation”, A Right-Wing Think Tank Owned the Notorious “B.S”. Koch Brothers, Chamber Of Commerce Ranks Maryland Business Climate #1, Maryland #6 In STEM Job Growth, And #1 In Academic R&D

August 26, 2013



MarylandReporter – TeaParty Republican Patrick “Shady” McGrady RINOs Audry Scott In Race For Pipkin Senate Seat, And RINOs Delegate Steve Hershey For Voting On Two Bills With Democrats, Complains of Outside Influence While Using Outside Influence,

August 26, 2013


NYPost – Is Rex Ryan Dead Coach Walking?

August 26, 2013


ESPN – Flacco Among Elite QBs

August 26, 2013


DodgyDagger/Heddy Lamarr – Reliable Sources Say Bel Air Might Change Its Name To “Town of Wal-Mart” , Town Cops May Have To Wear Wal-Mart Blue Vests, And Big Yellow Smiley Faces May Be Placed On Town Police Cars

August 26, 2013


DodgyDagger – WalMart Doesnt Like Traffic Plan Analysis For Proposed Plum Tree Store

August 26, 2013

ESPN – Ron Jaworski Says Ravens Still Best In AFC/ Rates Flacco Among Elite

August 24, 2013

008009 Raves Best AFC Flacco Elite

NYTimes – Charles Blow: What Is Racial Equality 50 Years Later?

August 24, 2013


NYTimes – NFL Afraid of PBS/Frontline Film In October : League of Denial: The NFLs Concussion Crisis

August 24, 2013


NYTimes – Elmore Leonard Master of Crime Fiction

August 22, 2013

NYTimes – Chappelle Quits Quitting

August 22, 2013

Bill Moyers – The United States of ALEC

August 21, 2013

NorthHarford State Delgate Wayne Norman Attends ALEC Anual Meeting: Calls Powerful Corprate RightWing Propaganda Machine “Countrys Largest Non-partisan Voluntary Membership Organization For State Legislators”

August 21, 2013


WYPR – Tea Party Republican Sen. E.J. Pipkin Retires And Goes To Dallas After Telling Repubs In Spring That Maryland Has Been Kidnaped And Held Hostage By Dems

August 19, 2013

CSpan – Conan Obrien At White House Correspondence Dinner

August 19, 2013

Rackjite – Missouri Rodeo Clown , Republican For President

August 19, 2013


Boardwalk Empire – Rosetti’s Tirade

August 18, 2013

BelAirPatch – Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Wins Congressional Climate Denier Award* From Maryland League Of Conservation Voters

August 14, 2013


*Photo of Congressional Climate Denier Award from the DodgyDaggerGazette

WashPostWonkBlog – Obamacare Spin 101 – 1.WashPo: Maryland Issues Lowest Rates In U.S. 2.BaltoSun: Obama Premiums To Go Up 25% 3. DodgyDaggerGazettte: Obamacare In Md An 83% Healthcare Tax

August 12, 2013


DodgyDagger In Dagger Fight With Common Sense – Is It Just A “Blog” Or Is It A “News Organization”? Dodgy Dagger Offended To Be Called A Blog ….But There Aint No Journalism In David Craigs PR Release… Hell …DodgyDagger Is A Local-News Weblog….A Blog Produced By Libertarian-Republican Renegade Journalists Working Outside Journalisms Normal Reporting Ethics And Values…

August 12, 2013


DodgyDaggerGazette/HDGPatch – GOP Governor Candidate David Craig Blasts “Obamacare”, …But Maryland Has Lowest Individual Marketplace Rates In Nation

August 12, 2013


Bill Maher – Aug 2 – Panel Discussion – Rep. Barney Frank,Alexis Goldstein, Josh Barro, and JayZ

August 11, 2013

TullyCast – Bill Maher Aug 2 Monologue/New Rules

August 11, 2013

Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2013 Legislative Scorecard: South Harford’s Know-Nothing Republicans Sen. Jacobs And Del.Glass Vote Against All Major Environmental Protections With Zero Score , Harfords Only Democrat In Annapolis Del. Mary-Dulany James* Sadly Only Votes 50% Of Time For Environmental Reforms* , North Harfords Del.Norman, Stifler, McComas and Senator Glassman Vote Against Protecting Environment Most of the Time

August 11, 2013

glass10-e13094001207451198-1-1238b1198-1-3193b009008010 The average score for Democrat delegates was 81%. The average for Republican delegates was 26%. That makes James-Dulany a Mugwump. *

Jim Crow Journalism Pt. 2 – Neo-Confederate Republican Aegis Once Again* Gives Aid And Comfort To Known Racist Organization United Daughters of the Confederacy

August 11, 2013


According to the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Watch, the  United Daughters of the Confederacy work with known “racist” groups in errecting Confererate monuments and staging Confederate battle flag ceremonies like the one in Havre de Grace.. The UDC maggazine publishes articles by Michael Grissom who is a member of two racist groups, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South.  Recently the president of the UDC Mrs. Willam Wells has shared a podium with League of the South president Michael Hill and white supremacist lawyer Kirk Lyon.

*http://harfobama.wordpress.cpm/tag/neo-confederates/ 2011 Confed Flag Ceremony in Abingdon 2011 Confederate Battle Flag Ceremony in Abingdon

BuzzFeed – Misogynist Republican Campaign Begins Against Hillary Clinton: Republican Super Pac Wants You To Slap Hillary Clinton Across the Face

August 10, 2013

DodgyDagger – Derek Howell Candidate For State Senate District 34 (SouthHarford), Took The Liberty-arian “Tea Party” Pledge In 2012 In Order To Win Republican Central Committee Seat! Is He Also A Member of The “White Nationalists” Route 40 Republican Club???

August 9, 2013


NYTimes/James Traub – Is The “Tea Party” On The Path To Irrelevance?

August 8, 2013


DodgyDagger/RepublicanAegis – Dont Be Snow-Jobed By Republican Mike Blizzard In Dist 34A House of Delegates Race….He Is All Wacko Libertarian Right-Wing Tea-Party …Says In August He “Seeks Solutions To Our Problems Without Partisan Politics Hampering Our Progress”* …But Back In April He Was All TeaPartyRepublican Opposing Common Sense Gun Control**…B.S. Is Not A Solution To Our Problems!

August 8, 2013


*TheAegis,Blizzard Enters House Race In District 34A, Staff Report August 7,2013

**Bel Air Patch, April 5,2013


Longmire Wins Re-election By Slim Margin (17 Votes)

August 7, 2013


DodgyDagger – Patrick (McGrady) Henry And William (McGrady) Wallace Defend “Illegal” RINO Robocalls : “It Is Impossible To Make the GOP More Irrelevant Than It Is Already In Annapolis. The Current RINO Inhabitants Have Made It That Way.”

August 5, 2013


DodgyDagger – Harford Tea Party (Libertarians) On RINO Hunt

August 5, 2013


NYMag – Forty-Five Rabid Tea Party Republican Congressmen Test The Limits Of Radical Sabatoge of Government

August 4, 2013


Art Pope: North Carolinas Koch Brother From Another Mother

August 4, 2013


RackJite – Bill Maher’s New Rules – August 2, 2013 – Citizens United Allows Rich Right Wing Mogul Art Pope To Buy North Carolina Government And Make It The Stupidest State In The Union

August 4, 2013


Bill Maher Monologue – Weiner Wiener – August 2, 2013

August 4, 2013


Absaroka County,Wyoming Sheriffs Election Monday August 5th – Walt Longmire vs Branch Connally

August 1, 2013


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