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Is The Harford County Library Promoting Harford Republican Politics? Library Director Mary Hastler Promotes Library Fundraiser While Promoting Three Prominent Harford Republican Elected Officials ,,,Is This Political Corruption Or Just Typical Harford Republican Unethical Behavior–???

October 31, 2013


These are the promotional pictures that have been posted throughout Harford libraries this fall and summer. The obscure website  eveninginthestacks,org has added a little seen photo with  Democratic elected  Sheriff Jesse Bane  as part of the online promotion. There is also a little seen youtube video on the web site showing Sheriff Bane investigating all the   Republicans in the original promo photos—David Craig, Mary Chance, Billy Boniface, Nicole Funk, Barry  Glassman, and Mary Hastler. But the overwhelming promo for the fund raiser is the library posters with the Republicans. There was no free promos for the Dem, Jesse Bane in my library. It was all Republican promo in the libraries.  Only if you stumble over the website do you find the afterthought of fair play… Jesse Bane.

This is how Harford Repubs think. We run most of the County . So we get to use Library budget money to promote Repubs  especially when Boss Craig is running for Governor. Besides, Hastler owes Boss Craig a favor when he supported her last year when she censored “Fifty Shades of Grey” and made a fool out her self and Harford County (i.e. Banned In Bel Air editorial in The Sun) .

An unintended consequence of the unfair library poster-promo is that all the suspects of wrong doing are Republicans. The Republican brain.

Maryland Juice – AttyGen Doug Ganslers Beach Party Weekend

October 28, 2013




WBALTV News – Gansler Says His “Race Comments” Were Taken Out Of Context, Charges Brown Affiliate Of Making Recording And Claims Recording His Secret Meetings Was A Felony Crime—-But He Wont Prosecute Even Though He Is A Prosecutor

October 28, 2013

WBALTVNews – AttyGen Gansler In July Was Secretly Recorded Saying That LtGov Brown Was Relying On Race To Get Elected As Governor And That Brown Lacked Any Accomplishments

October 28, 2013



DailyShow/2006 – As A “Jack-Booted” States Attorney, Doug Gansler Prosecuted Man For Mooning, Montgomery County Circuit Court Jury Vindicates Mooner, JUdge Declares Mooning Is Protected Free Speech In Maryland

October 28, 2013


C-Span – William Galston On The Tea Party Movement

October 27, 2013


C-Span – Matthew Segal – / Our Time.Org/ The Role of Millenials (18 to 30 Year Olds) In Politics and the Affordable Care Act

October 27, 2013


Bill Maher Monologue/ New Rules – Oct 25, 2013 –

October 27, 2013


MarylandJuice – Everthing You Wanted To Know About Party Animal Doug Gansler And The End of His Campaign For Governor

October 25, 2013


Gawker/WJLATV – Atty Gen Doug Gansler Knew About Underage Drinking Party, Allowed It To Go Forward

October 25, 2013


WashPost -The Fix – How Jon Stewart Became Pres Obamas Biggest Problem

October 24, 2013

HarfordTeaParty (i.e. Patrick McGrady) Approves of Voting Habits of Councilman Shrodes, Woods And McMahan

October 24, 2013


MarylandReporter/BarryRascovar – Doug Gansler And David Craig Stumble In Governors Race – Has Craigs Pandering To Tea Party Repubs Destroyed His Credibility And Electability?

October 21, 2013


NYTimes/Charles Blow- The Republican Collapse

October 20, 2013


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Fools Erand – House Republicans Hold Their Breath Until The Country Turns Blue, Obama Wins Big

October 20, 2013

Tea Party Republicans Try To HiJack The Obamacare Train… Just Like In “The Taking of Pelham 123”

October 19, 2013


WashPost/John Wagner – Brown Tops (41%) Democratic Rivals In Early Poll In Maryland 2014 Race For Governor – Undecided 33% – Doug Gansler 21% – Heather Mizeur 5%

October 19, 2013

WashPost/JohnWagner – Has Atty Gen Gansler Cooked His Own Political Goose With His Juvenile Arrogance (Reckless-Passenger Gate)? Is It Now A Two-Way Race In Dem Primary For Gov Between Lt.Gov Anthony Brown And Del. Heather Mizeur? Or Does Ganslers Political Fall Open The Opportnity For Ruppersberger?

October 19, 2013


RackJite – The Similarities Do Not Stop With The Default, The Shutdown Or Assault Rifles…The Most Potent Connection Of The Tea Party To The Taliban Is Intolerant Evangelical Religion

October 17, 2013


DodgyDagger – Vi Ripken Accosted At Gunpoint on Aberdeen Parking Lot, Suspect Aprehended – White, Havre de Grace Male ,Jesse Bowen, 33,Charged With Armed Robbery, Held In Frog Town Facillity (County Jail) No Bond

October 16, 2013


ITS OFFICIAL : Harford County Blue Dog Democrat Del. Mary Dulany James Is In The Race For Maryland State Senate District 34

October 16, 2013


This political flyer was distributed in the Aberdeen area on Tuesday evening , October 15.2013. And Mary-Dulany James for Senate website went up in late September.

Delegate James would not run for the Senate as long as Republican Nancy Jacobs was Senator.  In 2010 when the Dodgy Dagger circulated political rumors that Bob Ehrlich was considering putting Nancy Jacobs on he Gubanatorial ticket, Delegate James delayed until the last minute to file for re-election. The Dodgy Dagger suggested she was considering a run for the Senate if and only if Jacobs was out of the race. Jacobs earlier this year decided not to run for re-election in District 34 when redistricting removed Western Cecil County from her district. In the last election she lost Harford County to Athur Helton, but won reelection with the more Republican  West Cecil County. Jacobs was also politically stung in her race for Congress against the popular incumbent Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger.

With Nancy Jacobs out of the race, Delegate James is in.  Helton, redistricting and Ruppersberger pushed Jacobs out.  Democrats will have to decide  whether to reward James who watched and waited for her turn or reward Helton who fought the good fight that helped to finally push Jacobs out.

NYMag – Frank Rich – Americas Permanent Nut-Wing Politics: Nullifiers From The Confederacy ToThe John Birchers To The Tea Party

October 14, 2013

JohnWagner/WashPost – Maryland Atty Gen Depicted As Reckless Passenger By Maryland State Police Who Drove Him

October 14, 2013


RussellStreetReport/TouchDownBaltimore – Flacco Is A Winner And Earning Every Penny But Mike “Pessimistic”Preston Calls Him “Average Joe” In Friday Sun And Picks Greenbay Packers To Win 30 To 21 On TouchDown Baltimore (Bruce Laird, Mark Viviano & Tom Davis Pick Ravens In Close Game)

October 13, 2013


Joe Flacco has 66 wins since 2008. Thats more Ws than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Aaron Rodgers.  The Washington Post (Mark Maske) NFL Power Rating this week  rated Baltimore (3-2) at #8. Greenbay (2-2)  was rated at #10. The Ravens have won three of four games since there ugly opening night loss. Green Bay has won every other game.


RollingStoneMag – Inside The Republican Suicide Machine

October 13, 2013


RollingStoneMag – A House Divided: Republican Extremism And The Lessons of History

October 13, 2013


Bill Maher Oct 11 Monologue /New Rules – GOP Moron Trifecta – Bachman , Scalia And The Devil

October 13, 2013



PBS/Frontline: Football Brain Injury Expalined

October 10, 2013

Red Maryland Poll – Md GOP Gov Race September 2013 – Craig In Third Place With 23.7%, Charles Lollar With 29.5% And Ron George With 26.5%

October 10, 2013


October 10, 2013

Southern Poverty Law Center /Hate Watch – Friend of Harford Route 40 Republican Club Mat Hembach Now A Full-Fledged Neo-Nazi

October 10, 2013


PBS – Frontline: League of Denial – The NFLs Concussion Crisis


RackJite – SNL: Ex-Raven, Hall of Famer And CBS Analyst Shannon Sharp On the NFL

October 7, 2013


NYTimes = Charles Blow – The Republican Shut Down – A Terrible Tragic Game

October 7, 2013


Locking-Up the Stupid Vote: David Craig, Harford County Republican Candidate For Governor, Wants To Tea Party The Chesapeake Bay, Craig Wants To Stop The Progress of The Environmental Clean Up of The Bay To Get Nominated By The Crazy Know-Nothings In The Maryland Republican Party

October 6, 2013

4c5c43326afd9_preview-100-e1293378675261102772-Craig%201Governor George Wallace at Tuscaloosa University, Alabama, 1963raintax

County Exec David Craig  had his Repeal the Storm Water Reduction Fee bill introduced into the Harford County Council this week. He believes he has enough political morons like Councilman Joe Woods to push the repeal of the Harford County SWR Fees through.the County government.  , Craig  does not  believe the State government will follow through with heavy fines and denial of state permits for his obstructionist violations of state environmental law. Craig borrowed this political tactic from Tea Party exremist Patrick McGrady, who said he would not pay the SWR Fees if he became Mayor of Aberdeen.  McGrady borrowed the idea from Alabama Goveror George Corley Wallace who stood in the school house doors to stop Federal school integration.

Craig is a political fool, but the taxpayers of Harford County will have to pay for his illegal actions to gain media attention to his dismal and inept campaign…

Bill Maher New Rules – Oct 4, 2013 – Dress Up america

October 6, 2013

Bill Maher Monologue – Tea Party Ugly – Oct 4, 2013

October 6, 2013

Harford Republican Candidate For Governor David “No Pazazz” Craig Runs Down Political Dead End With Know Nothing/Tea Party Repeal Rain Tax Gambit , But At Least Aegis PoliticalPsychicCynic Alan Vought Finds It Entertaining

October 1, 2013

“Politics is hypocrisy in its highest form. In Maryland its been taken to a new level. Craig may not become Governor, but just watching the number of people he’s made uncomfortable about the rain tax leads me to suspect we’re in for an entertaining 14 months” Allan Vought, ETC…, The Aegis.September,2013



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