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RackJite – Bill Maher NewRules And Christmas Celebrity Books

November 28, 2013

Flacco Has A 137.5 QB Rating When Jets Didnt Blitz, And A 16.7 QBR When They Did Blitz—The Offensive Line Is Offensive

November 28, 2013

Troy Polamalu, Joe FlaccoNFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens

ShutDownCorner/Eric Edhorn –  The guy has a point . Flanking Flacco out wide offers no value if the defense is prepared for Taylors skills. Flacco is an offensive player the defense doesnt have to worry about, making it 10-on-11 football. THE RAVENS NEED MORE OFFENSE NOT LESS.

Wal-Mart Protests On Black Friday – : Stop Bullying, Stop Firing, Start Paying – Draw The Poverty Line at $25,000/year

November 28, 2013


Aberdeen Patch – Harford Judge Admonishes Aberdeen Ethics Commission, Exonerates Mayor Bennett, Ethics Comission Defied “Common Sense”, McGrady Declared “Shady”

November 21, 2013


Judge Stephen Waldron is quoted in the Republican Aegis in reference to Patrick McGrady: He “abandoned the complaint and lost all interest once his opportunity vanished to derive any further political benefit from the same.”

MotherJones – Meet The Computer Geek Who Took On Ken Cuccinelli And Won

November 18, 2013


RackJite – SNL Weekend Update: Rob Ford and Eeyore -Nov 16, 2013

November 18, 2013

Rackjite – Bill Maher Monologue/New Rules – Nov 15, 2013 – Obamacare Failure, Rob Ford, Robrerts Court

November 18, 2013


Republican Aegis Finds New Euphemism For “Racist”….”Skewed”, Harford County Sheriffs Office Offers No Comment On Alleged Racist Arrest Procedures, Wish To See The ACLU Study But Do Not Dispute The Facts

November 16, 2013


NYPost – How Ed Reed Could Help Or Hurt The Jets

November 15, 2013


RollingStone – How Republicans Rig The Game With Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression & Legislative Tricks

November 13, 2013


TheNation – How You Can Help The Phillipines

November 12, 2013


TheNation/Rick Perlstein – Grand Old Tea Party – Why Todays Waco Birdss Are Just Like Yesterdays Wingnuts

November 12, 2013


Joe ‘Elite’ Flacco

November 12, 2013

RussellStreetReport/T.Lombardi – The Ravens Are Like A Box of Chocolates

November 11, 2013


C-Span Washington Journal – Oct 21, 2013 -David Corn, Mother Jones Investigative Reporter Who Broke The Romney 47% Speech

November 11, 2013


Mediaite – Bill Maher Clashed With GOP Panelist Over Tea Partys Losses “We’r Gonna Stand For Ignorance – Common Sense Republicans”

November 10, 2013


RackJite – Bill Maher New Rules And Monologue – Nov 8 -2013

November 10, 2013


DodgyJournalism: Aegis Reporting on Craigs Stormwater Runoff Fee Repeal Hearing A Joke…Headline Uses RepublicanSpeak And Reporter Writes One Sentence On Highly Critical Citizen Testimony, Hearing Testimony Available At HCN Peg Central

November 9, 2013


Did the Republican Aegis reporter fall asleep during the two hour citizen comment part of the County Council meeting? Or was she severely edited by an irresponsible editor?(i.e. Allan Vought)  Truely The Aegis is  a “watchdog” with no bark or bite. The basic purpose of a free press is to be a guardian to supply citizens with information they need to prevent abuse of power. The  Aegis provides “propagandist journalism” because they are loyal “lapdogs” of ruling Republican powers and elites.

TouchDown Baltimore Experts Mark Viviano-WJZ, Mike Preston-The Sun, Bruce Laird-ExColt Unanimous: Cinncinatti Will Win On Sunday

November 9, 2013

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens014016012

Mike Preston says the score will be 28-21 Bengals over the Ravens. Bruce Laird took off his rose-colored glasses and predicted Cinncinatti Bengals 24 – Ravens 17. He asks the Ravens to “Show me something”. And  Mark Viviano  just says “Cinncinatti is real. Cinncinatti will win…. Until I see something differant”

Last year the Ravens began their Super Bowl season wiping out the Bengals in Baltimore 43 to 17. In December the Ravens went into a tail spin in  losing four of their last five games. They lost to Cinncinatti in Cinncinatti in the last game of the year in a game that didnt matter, and in which first string starters were rested halfway through the game for the playoffs. The score was 23 to 17.

Could all the experts on Touchdown Baltimore, the  Baltimorte Sun and  o Vinnie & Robb on Sports Radio be wrong again about the Ravens? Is it time to give up all  playoff hopes for the Ravens in 2013? Has there luck and talent run out? Have we retired, traded or given away all our playmakers? Is Flacco just an average-Joe QB?

The Ravens have the 10th ranked overall Defense, They are Second in the Red Zone. And Fourth on Third Downs.  The Ravens rattled Dalton last year into a fumble  and an  interception. Suggs and Dumervil can do that again. A good defense beats a good offense and  we still have the Fourth best QB (Jaws,ESPN) in football.

Ravens Win 20-17

DodgyDagger – ACLU Report Says Blacks More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Marijuana Posession In Harford Despite Equal Usage … In Other Words: “If Bob Chance Were Black Would He Still ,Have His Farm And Not Done Time?”

November 8, 2013


DodgyDagger – Friends Of Harford And Chesapeake Bay Foundation Oppose Repeal of Harfords Watershed Restoration And Protection Act – County Council Hearing Tuesday Nov 5, 2013, 6:30 PM

November 5, 2013


HuffingtonPost – Rand Paul Plagiarizes Zell Miller On Wishing He Could Challenge Rachel Maddow To A Duel

November 4, 2013


Tea Party Recruitment Song

November 3, 2013


Bill Maher Monologue- Obama Care Lies

November 3, 2013

Rackjite – NewRules – Bill Maher – Nov- 1-2013 – Ted Cruz,Less Hunting And Weed

November 3, 2013


Bill Maher Makes Fool Out of Ann Coulter

November 3, 2013


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