TouchDown Baltimore Experts Mark Viviano-WJZ, Mike Preston-The Sun, Bruce Laird-ExColt Unanimous: Cinncinatti Will Win On Sunday

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens014016012

Mike Preston says the score will be 28-21 Bengals over the Ravens. Bruce Laird took off his rose-colored glasses and predicted Cinncinatti Bengals 24 – Ravens 17. He asks the Ravens to “Show me something”. And  Mark Viviano  just says “Cinncinatti is real. Cinncinatti will win…. Until I see something differant”

Last year the Ravens began their Super Bowl season wiping out the Bengals in Baltimore 43 to 17. In December the Ravens went into a tail spin in  losing four of their last five games. They lost to Cinncinatti in Cinncinatti in the last game of the year in a game that didnt matter, and in which first string starters were rested halfway through the game for the playoffs. The score was 23 to 17.

Could all the experts on Touchdown Baltimore, the  Baltimorte Sun and  o Vinnie & Robb on Sports Radio be wrong again about the Ravens? Is it time to give up all  playoff hopes for the Ravens in 2013? Has there luck and talent run out? Have we retired, traded or given away all our playmakers? Is Flacco just an average-Joe QB?

The Ravens have the 10th ranked overall Defense, They are Second in the Red Zone. And Fourth on Third Downs.  The Ravens rattled Dalton last year into a fumble  and an  interception. Suggs and Dumervil can do that again. A good defense beats a good offense and  we still have the Fourth best QB (Jaws,ESPN) in football.

Ravens Win 20-17

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