CityPaper/Political Plum Shenanigans – Wait, You Mean I Gotta Live In My District? No Way! The Law (Boston vs.Blount, 1998) Says “Domiciled” Not “Permanent Abode”


Judge John C. Eldridgre, Maryland Court of Special Appeals , Boston v.Blount, 1998: “The requirement is that one must be DOMICILED in the district, and domicile is not synonymous with primary place of abode.”:

Art Helton: ” “The state and federal courts are clear–you can live where you want to live.”

City Paper: “The location must simply be a permanent place to which said pol ‘intends to return'”

City Paper: “…in Maryland it has long been THE LAW OF THE LAND that a politician can for the purpose of carpet-bagging, claim residence any damn place he or she chooses, with no requirement to sleep in on said premises”

The City Paper wrongly calls Democrat Del. Mary-Dulany James the current State Senator from Dist 34. The current state Senator is Republican Nancy Jacobs. Thats what all the cloak and dagger shenanigans is all about. Jacobs is retiring,  leaving an open seat—a political plum. James wants the Senate seat with no major opposition. Thats why she never challeged Jacobs. Democrat Helton challenged Jacobs  twice and last time beat her in Harford County but not in West Cecil. Now the district is just  a Harford district. District 35  now picks up the more conservative West Cecil County. The Dems have there best chance of taking back the Senate in Dist 34 with only a nominal Republican  candidate.  James has watched and waited and watched and  waited  for this open seat. Helton has fought and fought for the seat. The only thing in the way of James now is Helton in the Democratic primary.  She is trying to beat Helton in the courts by getting the Board of Elections to redefine the residency laws  because she fears she cant beat Helton in a fair fight in an election.

The Dodgy Dagger and the Md Board of Elections wrongly ignore Maryland law on the defintion of residency as it pertains to qualifying for a candidate.

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