SeventhState- M-D James Strong In Harford D34… James Funding Ability Indicates A Depth of Support …Raised $84K In 2014… James Electorial Record Likely Intimidates …Primary Rating: Likey James


SeventhState doesnt ask too many questions of the “intimidating” Delegate James. Like how does raising $84K in 2014 show a depth of support and not a depth of special interest support.  Show me where the $84K comes from!  Theres no mention of how she held the hotel tax up for ransom, and withdrew the bill when she and her special interest  CCRC couldnt get a 15 year tax break in Aberdeen.  Theres no mention how she was intimidated by the Harford  Republican delegation to support a bill to demand “English Only” in Harford County government operations. She was intimidated by a Tea Party gun rally to vote against common sense gun control in Maryland.  She was intimidated by the Republican delegation to oppose marriage equality and the dream act for immigrants.  She’s been intimidated by special interests on environmental reform. Yes she is from a strong political family but Senator William S. James was a strong modertate Democrat who would not have been intimidated by the prejudices and histrionics of his time.  The Senate primary in District 34 will be a donnybrook over public interests versus special interests. I’d say Primary Rating: Leaning Helton.

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One Response to “SeventhState- M-D James Strong In Harford D34… James Funding Ability Indicates A Depth of Support …Raised $84K In 2014… James Electorial Record Likely Intimidates …Primary Rating: Likey James”

  1. William Shakesbeer (@MonkeysType) Says:

    It is a shame that this woman is even allowed to run for office any more. Look at what she is doing…She works for a law firm who is pushing an expansion of liquor licenses in the county. The initial Aegis article about this legislation is full of quotes by James’ boss, Attorney Joe Snee. Originally the bill was sponsored by James. Since some apparent heat due to this clear conflict of interest, this has now magically become a ‘delegation bill’ Wow, she put this one past us, didn’t she? This is no different than all of the other legislation she has pushed for her law firm or clients of her law firm. This is the type of stuff that makes the public hate lawyers, and rightfully so. What’s worse than a lawyer, a lawyer who is a politician feeding themselves all the way to the bank.

    The 7th state article mentions how strongly she came through past primary races. Has she actually had a race in the past? She is not in the district, she doesn’t even live here (another topic for another day, perhaps) and no one who she”represents” can ever get in touch with her, ever. No return calls, no nothing. She is no better than any of the other republicans in the county who are in the legislature, dominated by a strong democratic party and unable to bring ANYTHING of value back to the county. Oh sure, they got money for this school, that school, and a few roads here and there–but compare those “wins” per capita to what the blue counties are getting–or even the red counties where the representatives don’t go to annapolis acting like assholes!

    Also–I am very interested in seeing when and from where she raised this 84K. Considering that for all of 20 days of 2014 she was in legislative session and unable to raise funds…not sure how this is even mathematically possible.

    We deserve better. Not just in 34, throughout the county!


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