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Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development – Slutzky Has Shown His True Colors – Wagner Has The Experience …To Do What Is Right

May 30, 2014


Aegis – Jensen Robinson Once Again Asks Del. M-D James To Condemn And Apoligize For The Actions Of Her Staff Envolved In The Annapolis Blame-A-Black Donnybrook – Does M-D James Have The Political Courage To Take Responsibilty For What Went Wrong? Where Is The “Honesty And Integrity”?

May 29, 2014


C-Span- Matt Taibbi – The Devide

May 26, 2014


HarfordTeaParty’s Dog Whistle Political Smear ? : Does Bel Air Democrat Gina Kazimir’s Skill At Dancing Make Her A Worthy Candidate For County Council District C ???

May 25, 2014





Strongest Balanced Democratic Ticket For South Haford District 34 – Art Helton For Senate – Steve Johnson And Maria Terry For House of Delegates 34A – Beverly Cassandra House of Del Dist 34B – Club For Progress Predicts Senate Seat A Tossup Unless Democrats Have Strong Turnout – House of Delegate 34A Lean D+1, If Democrats Have A Strong Ticket – House of Del 34B: Strongly Conservative, Repub Hold

May 23, 2014


May 22, 2014

QuintonReport/WashPo – Washington Post Endorses Larry Hogan For Governor In Repub Primary – Also Refers To Harford County Executive David R.Craig As One of “GOPs Bomb-Throwers” For His Unpragmatic Idea of “Declaring War On The State Income Tax”

May 22, 2014

Doug Gansler “Doesnt Make Sense” “He Sounds Like A Republican”

May 21, 2014

Mizeur Ad Needs Bucks

May 21, 2014

DodgyDagger – Friends of Harford Opposes Eliminating Zonimg Board

May 20, 2014


Pres Bill Clinton Praises Lt.Gov Anthony Brown At Fundraiser

May 18, 2014


DodgyDagger/Friends of Helton – Four Pinocchios – Del. M-D James Lies About Her Role In Bringing State Road Repair Funding To Harford

May 18, 2014


Sheriff Philosophy 101 : Longmire: Honesty And Integrity / Jesse Bane: Vision, Integrity,Leadershp / Jeff Gahler “We Need More Guns…Not Less” / John Ryan “Sound Policing… True Leadership…Restoring Honor”

May 17, 2014

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Two Reasons Not To Vote For Harford County Council Woman Mary Ann Lisanti For House of Delegates (1) Lasanti Voted For Three “Secret” Snee Zoning Bills To “Clean Up The Code” For the Eva Mar CCRC Project While Reading Joe Snee Public Relation Talking-Points. (2). Lisanti Co-Sponored (With Slutzky) “Ambiguity”Amendment to “Big Box Bill” To Exclude Wal-Mart From Regulation—Thus Killing the “Big Box Bill”

May 16, 2014




Watch Lisanti move her script over before the vote.





QuintonReport – Repub Gov Candidate Larry Hogan’s Internal Poll Shows Him Losing To Dem. Lt.Gov Anthony Brown 42% to 32% (23%Undecided)

May 12, 2014


Bill No. 13-35 Vote – Councilwoman Lisanti: “A Common Sense Bill That Gives Flexibilty In Design And Consideration Of The Topography Of Any Property That A CCRC Would Be Built On”

May 12, 2014

Bill Maher/Monologue – And Bill Talks With the “Nun on the Bus” 05/09/14

May 12, 2014

Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar – How Many Councilmen Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbub? County Council Tries To Pass The Buck Again Or In Other Words The Slutzky Solution!

May 12, 2014


Is Del. Mary-Dulany James Running For the State Senate To Represent Her Law Firm’s (Joe Snee) Interests Or The Interests of District 34 (South Harford) ?

May 10, 2014


Did De.l M-D James forget who sent her to Annapolis? It was the voters of Dist 34, not Joe Snee!

Joe Snee ,acting as a political agent for the Presbyterian Homes CCRC ( Carsins Run Plan) tried to use M-D James to manipulate the Aberdeen government . He tried to get James to “blackmail” Aberdeen into giving Presbyterian Homes a tax break for a Harford County Hotel Tax. When the Aberdeen gambit didnt work Snee/PH took their political circus to Bel Air and tried and succeeded in manipulating the Harford County Council into supporting zoning breaks for the Presbyterain Homes CCRC s  Eva Mar Plan.

Who does M-D James work for in Annapolis? Snee or the Dist 34 voters?

We know M-D James’s full-time job is working for Joe Snees law firm in Bel Air? But who does she work for in Annapolis when shes a part-time politician?



Aberdeen Mayor Disgusted With Delegate James Shenanigans On Behalf of Joe Snee

Del. M-D James CCRC Tax Break/Hotel Tax Blackmail On Behalf of Joe Snee

Rejected Carsin Runs CCRC Moves To FountainGreen/Eva Mar

Can Money Change Everything? (PMdata)- House of Delegates Dist 34A – Pat Murray (AFL Endorsed) Raises $43,345, Steve Johnson $4670,Marla Posey-Moss $2061 (Debt 11,825), Maria Terry $1025, Mary Lisanti (Limited Contributions?)

May 10, 2014


Democratic Candidate For State Senate District 34 (South Harford) Art Helton Endorsed By Progressive Maryland And SEIU

May 10, 2014

MotherJones/Chris Mooney – The Science Of Your Racist Brain

May 10, 2014



MotherJones – Elizabeth Warren On the Benghazi Charade – GOP Is Exploiting A Tragedy For Political Gain And Its All A Shamful Political Theater…And Rep Trey Gowdy Lacks the Qualification To Chair The Investigation – He Is A Grandstander Who Pushes Political Points

May 10, 2014

Marla Posey-Moss , Candidate for House of Delegates Dist 34A, Supports Guthries Livability Code Reform – Where Are The Rest of the Candidates in 34A and Dist E? ???

May 9, 2014

Bill Onorato – Two Choices For Harford County Council On Eva Mar Project

May 9, 2014

Bill Onorato/EvaMar : Smoking Gun??? Joe Snee,Aegis/ Jan 2014 “We Cleaned Up The Code..And We Moved It Over To Bel Air”

May 9, 2014




Dan Lambros, Landlord And Libertarian Republican Candidate For County Council (DistE), Opposes Livabilty Code Reform

May 9, 2014

Councilman Dion Guthrie Introduces Rental Livabilty Code Reform

May 9, 2014

Bill Onorato – The Eva Mar Plan Is A Pattern of Special Deals, Favortism And Cronyism

May 9, 2014

The Republican Aegis reporter missed this significant Bill Onorato testimony on May 6th with all the excitement about the Livability Code which pushed the meeting down to eleven oclock. The reporter sat right behind speakers who testfied on the Livabilty Code, but she left when the late testimony began about the Eva Mar plan

MarylandReporter – Who Won Debate ? And Why Is David Gregory Such A Bad Moderator?

May 8, 2014

SeventhState/David Lublin – Dem Primary Debate For Governor

May 8, 2014

Coalition Building – Citizens Against the Plan For Eva Mar Development + No Bel Air Wal-Mart + Stop Aberdeen Annexation (ACT) = Dick Slutzkys Worst Nightmare

May 7, 2014



Click to access Preshomes543EvaMarA.pdf

RepublicanAegis – Harford County Hotel Tax Authority Becomes Reality Because of “Secret” Campaign of Former Harford Democrat Delegate Mary Hatem Bonsack And Her Discussions Last December With Senate President Mike Miller – Harfords Frictional Fractious Delegation Droped the Ball, Again

May 6, 2014


Citizens Against Plan for Eva Mar Development (CAP-EMP) – Eva Mar Project Is Case Study Of A Developer Run Government – County Council Meeting May 6th , 2014 – 7:30PM at 212 South Bond Street

May 6, 2014


Harford Top Cop Says Marijuana Decriminaliztion Is A Mistake…But He Never Said Racial Disparities In Marijuana Arrests *Was A Mistake! Whatsup With That? The Sheriffs Dept Said They Wanted To See ACLUs Data…But They Never Acknowleged Or Denied The FACTS!

May 6, 2014




Monologue/Bill Maher – 05/02/14

May 5, 2014

WH Correspondence Dinner – Veep Video

May 5, 2014

City Paper – The Charles Village Street Collapse

May 5, 2014

Bill Maher – 05/02/14 – Real Time – New Rules

May 4, 2014

DodgyDagger – Del. D-M James Announces Pork Barrel Project Grants For Dist 34 One Week Before Edgewood Democratic Candidate Debate But Remains Silent About Legislative Assistants Drunken Fight And Racial Remarks In Annapolis

May 4, 2014



Art Helton For State Senate Dist 34

May 4, 2014










Harford Top Cop Disagrees With Dem Candidate For States Attorney On Decrimaliztion Of Marijuana . Sheriff Bane Says Decrim Will Cause “Serious Safety Issues” And Increase Costs – Md. Ast. Prosecutor Steve Trostle Forsees No Problems And Says He Would Pursue “Fines Only” For Most MJ Cases

May 4, 2014


      Democratic candidate for Harford States Attorney Steve Trostle states on his website that as Top Prosecutor he would : “Therefore, except in limited circumstances, my staff will be instructed to seek FINES ONLY in marijuana cases”.  Ast. State ProsecutorTrostle states that “Prosecutors dont make laws – we enforce them.” Posession of marijuana  “for the time being is illegal” and his stafff will prosecute. But he emphasizes he would rather use jail time for “our more dangerous offenders”

On the other hand Harfords Top Cop, Sheriff Jesse Banes, states that he believes  marijuana decriminalization is a mistake and  predicts it  will lead to legalization  and create serious problems (?). Sheriff Banes  suggests that the”serious problems” (?) will lead to added budget expenses. How will  keeping marijuana users out of jail  increase public safety budget expenses?  Bane does not explain. The Republican Aegis says Bane believes decriminalization “is going to compound our problems” and  make the job of county police more difficult. How so? Stoping the senseless jailing of marijuana users would reduce the cost of running the  county detention center.And stopping the criminal arrest of most marijuana users would free police to pursue more important public safetey work..


2014 White House Correspondence Dinner – Pres Barack Obama

May 4, 2014

Joel McHale At White House Correspondence Dinner 2014

May 4, 2014

Steven Trostle For Harford County States Attorney – An Independent Thinker Dedicated To Public Service And Public Safety

May 2, 2014


CoalitionBuilding – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Suggests Joining Political Forces With The Stop-Plum-Tree-Walmart Effort To Put An End To Biased Zoning Procedures And Unresponsive Government

May 1, 2014




DodgyDagger – Harford County Teachers Union Tries To Help Harford County Teachers

May 1, 2014


CoaltionBuilding – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Throws Support To Art Kaff , Candidate For Board of Education District E

May 1, 2014


Four Years Ago John Paff Ran For House of Delegates And Began A Presention With Pilfered RFK Words….Now He Sits On The Bored of Directors of the Racist Route 40 Republican Club

May 1, 2014

Comments in the Dodgy Dagger April 2014


Harford GOP Candidate Speech Similar To RFKs

Letterman – Stupid Pet Tricks – Talkin Dog Says :Obama:

May 1, 2014

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