– The Baltimore Sun and The Ageis Endorse The Status Quo Candidate M-D James For State Senate Dist 34 When The Times Demand Political Change


In the Baltimore Sun endorsement of M-D James for State Senate Dist 34, the Sun seems to imply that she is entitled to be Senator because her father was once a Senate icon. The Sun also suggests that James “centrist” political philosophy has allowed her to “effectively” get along with her Republican collegues. The fact is Del. James has lacked the political gumption to fight for Democratic ideas and instead rolled over with Republican know-nothing do-nothing  policies. She voted with the know-nothing Republicans on any and every progressive effort for necessary change. She even worked with her Republican political boss Joe Snee to try to bamboozle the city of Aberdeen out of a long sought “hotel tax”*. And when a legislative aide personally stumbled with alcohol and racism in Anapolis this past year , she refused  to act like a responsible Demorcatic leader and apoligize for the whole mess.  She lacks basic political integrity and honesty. Its time for political change. Art Helton has been fighting for that change. He fought the good fight that helped retire Sen. Jacobs. No one is “entitled” to be Senator. You have to earn it and fight for it. 



*James/Snee offered Aberdeen  City government a county hotel tax if they would give the Carsins Run CCRC a 15 year tax break

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