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Maryland League of Conservation Voter Scorecard- BlueDog(?) MD James Refuses To Vote On Wildlands Expansion Bill, Joins Mediocre Harford Republicans With Failing Grade on Environment

July 25, 2014


Bill Maher/Real Time – Once You Start Dressing And Equiping People Like An Occupying Army , They Start Acting Like One

July 20, 2014

NYTimes – Charles Blow – The President Has Taken Responsibility. How About The Speaker?

July 14, 2014


Change Is Gonna Come But Not Neccessarily To The Aegis/Vought Right-Wing Assumptions And Bias

July 14, 2014


The Nation – Guess Who’s Profiting From Pot Prohibtion? The Sheriff Depts Budget Under Confiscation Laws

July 14, 2014


DodgyDagger – Helton Believes His Fatal Flaw Is Low Voter Turnout And Low Male Voter Turnout And Extra Low Black Voter Turnout…. 63.4% Of Primary Voters Were Women…36.4% Were Men ( James Won 61% To Heltons 38.7%) ….Or Maybe Brand-Name Incumbents Are Hard To Beat With Micro-Targeting Phone-Bank Push-Pull Polling

July 13, 2014


If You Love Republican “Bomb Throwers” Like David Craig, Ellen Saurebray, And Nancy Jacobs You’ll Lov+e Bob Cassilly

July 7, 2014


NYT/Paul Krugman – Conservative Pundits: When Beliefs And Facts Collide

July 7, 2014

John Oliver – Native Americans Never Call Themselves “Redskins”

July 7, 2014

RackJite – Racist Republicans In Murrrieta, Calif Blocking Three Busses With Immigrant Women And Children

July 7, 2014

John Oliver Decribes the Fireworks In Bel Air, Md

July 7, 2014

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