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Dodgy Dagger – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Analyze Dick Slutzky’s Last Hurrah of Fact vs Fiction

October 31, 2014


Twelve Years Ago “Dodgy Dick” * Slutzky Knew His First Election Wasn’t About Experience Or The Issues, It Was About Who Had The Developer Money

October 27, 2014


* (See Video) Slutzky was not a history teacher ,he was a wrestling coach. Slutzky forgot that Abe Lincoln was a Congressman  (1846) before he was President (1860) and he ran for the Senate (1858) where he  became famous during the Lincoln-Douglas debates  and the Copper Union Speech concerning the institutuion of slavery. Unfortunately Slutzky did not turn out to be another Lincoln. He was just another typical Republican who lacked both vision and political courage. And Slutzky was” bought and paid,” for from day one,  with campaign contributions from developers. ($27.100 since 2005 according to Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development ) CAP-EMD




Twelve Years Ago Barbara Kreamer Warned Voters And The Republican Aegis About Slutzkys Developer Ties, Now Shes Warning Voters About Vincenti’s Developer Ties

October 27, 2014








Bill Maher – Real Time – 10/24/14 – Monologue/New Rules – Holy Alliance Of Easily Distracted Voter And Shameless Pandering Media

October 26, 2014

Political BS Quote of Week – Republican Aegis: “Thornton…has run a rather ABRASSIVE campaign that seems focused more on Slutzkys record than his own agenda”

October 25, 2014


*Is “abrassive” some kind of code word for irritating and arrogant? Is “abrassive” some kind of dog whistle for “uppity”. The Republican Aegis’s demonstrates common sense in understanding who Slutzky is, but its neo-confederate leanings cant shake its old racial code talk when trying to understand Jim Thornton. Thorntons campaign is not abbrassive, its forthright and refreshingly frank and his agenda has always been front and center-“people first not friends and cronies” and the councils role should be to “check and balance”  the county executive not “rubber stamp” it.


Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Republican Aegis Endorsed Robert Wagner (Republican) And Jim Thornton (Democrat) For Council Prez In Primary But Cant Get Courage Up To Endorse Anyone For Council President In General Election

October 25, 2014




Key And Peele – Army Running Cadence

October 24, 2014

Boniface Opposes Inviting Zoning Officals To CIMs, Claims It Would Be Opening Pandoras Box

October 19, 2014

Slutzky Opposes Reform of Citizen Input Meetings

October 18, 2014

Can Harford Voters Politically Flip-A-County By Defeating Ethically-Challenged Republican Dick Slutzkys Attempt To Become Council President And Defeat Ethically-Challenged Republican Patrick Vincenti’s Attempt To Take Over Distict E’s Council Seat?

October 18, 2014

Alice Through the Looking Glass - Alice Meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Slutzky-Vincenti are the developers Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum  yes men.  Can they be stoped? Have the Plum Tree Wal-Mart experience and the Eva Mar experience awakened enough voters —Republican , Independent and Democrats to stop the stranglehold that developers have on elected county governmnet?  This is  a political crossroads in Harford history. Will voters choose to protect the public interest or once again follow the stalwart reactionary Republican Aegis back down the rabbit hole of special interst developers buying off  Republican candidates with campaign money?

Bill MaherOct 17 – Real Time -Bill Maher Flip A District Visit To Minnesoata – New Rules: Whats Up With White People – Monologue: Bill Chril FanGate Connection To Bill Clinton

October 18, 2014

Joe Flacco Is An Elite Quarterback

October 17, 2014


Steve Trostle for Harford States Attorney

October 17, 2014


Jim Thornton for Harford County Council President-

October 17, 2014


SeventhState – Questionable Sun Poll Gives Brown A 7 Point Lead Over Hogan – Sun Sampling Techniques Always Underestimate Black Voter Turnout In Maryland

October 13, 2014


The Baltimore Sun  reports that Anthony Brown leads Larry Hogan by 7 points with a Sunday front page headline  ” Brown Holds Tenuous Lead”. The Sunpaper polls are notorious for underestimating the black voter turnout in Maryland thus overestimating the Republican poll numbers. The Sun underlines the purpose of its questionable poll  with a lead editorial “Hogan Has A Shot”  Really? Like maybe a shot in the dark.. The Washington Posts more accurate polling sampling indicates that Brown is leading by 9 points and points out in its endorsement editorial that   ” Mr. Brown is the more serious and substantial candidate. He has a better grasp of how to operate the levers of government and how to bolster Marylands competitiveness while tending to basic needs””


SeventhState – Washington Post Endorses Brown For Governor: Brown Has More Experience And Useful Ideas While Hogan Is An Empty Suit With No Accomplishments Or Serious Proposals

October 13, 2014

RollingStone – Paul Krugman – In Defense Of Obama:He Has Brought Hope And Change To Healthcare, National Security, The Economy,The Environment And In Financial Regulation

October 13, 2014


Harford Deputies Union Should Release the Bane-Gahler Debate Tape – A Police Union Should Not Be Envolved In Withholding Political Evidence In A Democratic Election! Its Ethically Corrupt! It Tarnishes the Image of the Police And The Election!

October 13, 2014


Why  isnt the local press and Baltimore Sun interested in the censoring of the DSU Bane-Gahler debate tape?  The tape was originally available as a youtube clip on the DSU website. It was removed after the Union endorsed the re-election of Sheriff Jesse Bane and when challenger Jeff Gahler made accusations of mistatements by Sheriff Bane.  If  the LWV removed the tape of its Candidate Forum at HCC their would be an outcry of public information suppression. How does  the DSU get away with public information suppression? What does the Union have to hide?  Let the voters have the opportunity to see all tha available info on the two candidates.  This suppression of public information tarnishes the image of the Harford Deputies Union and is an attack on the democratic process.

SeventhState – Brown Expands Lead In CBS/NYTimes Poll

October 13, 2014

DSU Debate – Jess Bane : Gahler Challenged Me In The Dagger

October 11, 2014

DSU Debate – Jesse Bane “Lets Go Run It By Barry Glassman! Is He Going To Do It?…I Deserve Respect…Lets Talk About The Issues”

October 11, 2014

Key And Peele – The Tea Party Candidate

October 9, 2014

DSU Debate – Jesse Bane Name Drops – Mr. Craig Will Get A Chuckle Out of Sayin He Runs The Sheriffs Dept…I Too Know Barry Glassman. I’ve Had Conversations With Barry Glassman—More Important I’m A Very Close Friend of The President of the County Council. – He’s The Person Who’s Probably Going To Be The Next Director of Administration. I’m Very Close to The Man and A Personal Friend of Mine. You Wanna Know Who He Supports. Go To His Farm And Look At The Sign On His Fence!

October 9, 2014

Honesty And Integrity ? – Harford County Deputy Sheriffs Union Remove Public Access to Youtube Sheriffs Debate After Republucan Candidate Jeff Gahler Accuse Bane of A “False Attack” – Where Is The Honesty Here? Let The Public See The Debate. The Video Was Publicly Available On the HCDSU Website Before The Gahler Accusation

October 8, 2014





WashPo/UnivOfMdPoll – Brown Holds Modest Lead Over Hogan In Md Govs Race (47% To 38%)

October 7, 2014


Harford County Sheriffs Debate – Jesse Bane Says “Lets Go Run It By Barry Glassman” And The Next County Administrator Boniface , August 29, 2014 – No Wonder Boniface Voted For That CountyExec Pay Raise (Video Censored By HarfCountyDeputySheriff Union)

October 6, 2014







Harford County Deputies Union remove public access to Harford County Sheriff Debate. What have they got to hide? Why isnt it public? Whats the matter with paece,love and transparencey?

John Oliver Tackles The Obscure Civil Forfeiture Law That You Probably Should Know About

October 6, 2014

BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Mike Preston Predicts Raven Loss To Colts (31-27) Claims Luck Is Better Than Flacco.

October 5, 2014

NFL: AFC Wild Card Playoff-Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens038

The Baltimore Sundowners are  down on the Ravens this week. Five out of seven predict Raven defeat. Preston leads the pack with the observation that “…despite Joe Flacco being a pretty good QB, Andrew Luck is better”. The  Lucky Colts have beaten up bad teams this year and been beaten up by good ones. The Ravens are “rated” as a better team (power ranking) than the Colts so far this year. Luck is “rated” a better QB, but so are Big Ben  and Hoyer. Andy Luck does not have a Stephen Smith or Justin Forsett. The Ravens  have a  great QB and one of the best teams. You can’t just win with Luck.

NewYorkMag – Ben Affleck And Bill Maher Get In Shouting Match Over Islam

October 5, 2014


Bill Maher Monologue And New Rules – 10/03’14

October 4, 2014

Citizens Against Eva Mar Development Define Republican Candidate for County Council President Patrick Vincenti As Slutzky Clone: “Handpicked By Slutzky” ,”Recieved Campaign Contributions From Developer Interests” , Ethically “Raises Red Flags” And Concerned Vincenti May Become “A Puppet For Developers” .

October 4, 2014


Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Endorses Democrat Jim Thornton For County Council President- Slutzky Does Not Deserve To Be In Public Office Or Any Other Position Of Public Trust Period!!!

October 4, 2014






NewYorker – The Revenge of Rand Paul – Is Rand Paul The Republicans Barack Obama Or Just Another Crazy Tea Party Libertarian Extremist???

October 2, 2014


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