Harford Historic First : Two Black Politicians Elected During Same Election – Democrat Jensen Robinson, Harford School Board, And Republican Curtis Beulah , Harford County Council

01111396789_1473545696204249_35078788_oDemocrat Jensen Robinson  defeated Fred Mullis for  a position on the Harford School Board. Jensen  defeated a  controversial  Republican , a Republican who headed the Route 40 Republican Club which became enmeshed in political scandal when it was  reported that one its board members was a white supremacist. (John Stortsrom, VP of Rte 40 Club)  Mullis also muddied the political waters when he envited another white supremacist (Matt Heimbach) to a Route 40 Repub Club meeting as a speaker.  Jensens leadership credentials were displayed during the primary election period when he made  a public plea  to Democrat M.D. James to apologize for her legislative aides drunken racist antics in Annapollis. James never made a public apology. James was surprisingly defeated in what should have been a cake walk.
On the other hand Curtis Beulah defeated a former Havre de Grace councilman., Joseph Smith.   But Beulahs advertised political experience included  being a board member of the  said  same controversial Route 40 Republican Club. Beulahs leadership credentials were displayed when he never at any time found it necessary to criticize Fred Mullis decision to invite a white-supremacist to speak at a meeting and never  questioned the judgement of having a top board member  who is a known white-supremacist.






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