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Ray Donavan Security Tip

January 31, 2015



Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On Bel Air Republican Congressman Being Blacklisted By District of Columbia After Blocking DC Pot Law

January 30, 2015


Alt J – Left Hand Free

January 29, 2015

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

January 29, 2015

HoganWatch/WYPR/FrasierSmith – Hogan First Bi-Partisan Action Kills Chicken Shit Regs And Balto City Air Regs

January 29, 2015


HoganWatch/WYPR – New Maryland Governor Hogan Kills New Chicken Shit Regulations To Protect The Bay And Kills Regulations To Reduce Smog In Baltimore

January 28, 2015


Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains Deflategate

January 27, 2015


Veep- Some New Beginings

January 26, 2015



Bill Maher New Rules/Monologue – 01/23/15 – The Next Republican State of the Union Response Must Be Delivered By A Real Deer In The Headlights/ If The NFL Doesnt Get To The Bottom Of DeflateGate How Can They Restore The Integrity Of Grown Men Giving Each Other Brain Damage?

January 24, 2015










Bill Maher: Elephant Men – Billionares Buyer Guide to 2016 Election

January 24, 2015




Dodgy Dagger/Gahler Watch – New Harford County Tea Party Republican Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler And Harford Repub Legislators Proposes Police State Confiscation Of Tax Refunds of Citizens With Active Arrest Warrants, Demoract Christopher Boardman Suggests You Cant Punish People Before They Go On Trial….Something About Liberty And Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Arent There Any Libetrarians In Harford? Err.. CIVIL Libertarians?)

January 24, 2015




Baltimore Beat Down: DeflateGate – Tom Brady Is Not A Quiter

January 23, 2015



Bill Maher Monologue/New Rules – o1/16/15

January 19, 2015









Bill Mahers Republican Book Club

January 17, 2015

NFL Playoffs – Number 12 Has Good Chance of Winning

January 17, 2015


2015 Golden Globes

January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015

WashPost/SallyJenkins – The Final Score Doesnt Mean The Final Word/ Divisional Round Offers More Questions Than Answers

January 14, 2015

Sally Jenkins,WashPost Sports :  A technicality of one sort helped win the game for the Packers, and another sort helped the New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens. Belichick so exploited the rules on eligible recievers with rapid personnel shuffles that he created a shell game. The confused Ravens defense gave up three key receptions for double digit yards. Afterward, Ravens coach John Harbaugh complained it was “illegal”. He added, “Its not something that anybodys ever done before.”

But is that cheating —or innovation?


Bill Maher Monologue/ Pannel Discussion 01/09/15

January 13, 2015




Bill Maher – New Rules – Jan 9, 2015

January 11, 2015





TouchDown Baltimore – Mike Preston (Baltimore Sun ) Picks Tom Terrific Over January Joe In Saturday Playoff In Boston , Bruce Laird (Ex-Colt) Also Says Ravens Cannot Win

January 9, 2015



Deju Vu Football Predictions  . Mike Preston  picked the New England Patriots to beat the Ravens two years ago when they went on to win the Super Bowl.  Now again Preston puts his faith in the Los Vegas odds makers not in the Ravens  playoff  success and the Raven intangibles that say Flacco is  the best QB in football and the Ravens are the best team. Preston enthusiasticly bets against the Ravens everytime Vegas bets against them. Unfortunately the more street wise Bruce Laird  reluctantly joins Preston in his folly this time. Mark Vivano (WJZSports)  made no  prediction because he was filling in as modertator. He only pointed out that the the Flacco Ravens  have defeated New England the last two times they’ve met in the playoffs. Preston has become a worn out  cliche of negativity. GO RAVENS!

HoganWatch – MdReporter – Hogans House of Cards :

January 6, 2015


RollingStone – Are You Ready For the Baltimore Ravens?

January 5, 2015





Letterman – Lake Street Dive – Bad Self Portraits

January 2, 2015

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