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NewYorkMagRecap/House of Cards S3E1

February 28, 2015






February 28, 2015


NewYorker/BorowitzReport – Americans Favor Legalizing Pot And Criminalizing Congress

February 28, 2015


The7thState – Md Republican Senate Candiate Szelinga Is Gun Nut : Harford Politicians Glenn Glass , Susan McComas And Kathy Szelingas Support Legislation That Would Allow Non-State Residents To Carry Concealed Weapons Without Maryland Permits

February 27, 2015




WYPR/JoelMccord/ InsideMaryland Politics – Goucher Poll Shows Marylanders Support Strormwater Fee But Oppose “Rain Tax”

February 27, 2015


WYPR/MiddayPolitics/DanRodericks – 2015 State Government Analysis – C.Fraser Smith/ Richard Cross/Hows Hogan Doing? Farm Runoff Rules?

February 27, 2015 54636-01065856WYPR%202011%20logo

HoganWatch/Goucher Political Poll/WBALTV – Md. Gov. Larry Hogan Unpopular After One Month As Governor – 39 % Approval Rating

February 26, 2015



February 26, 2015

RollingStone – Keystone Veto Dashes Canadas Dirty Oil Dreams

February 26, 2015


MarylandReporter – HB 360 – Bill Proposed to Resrict Police Seizure On Property In Drug Traffic

February 25, 2015

GahlerWatch/Aegis Editorial – Has Harford County Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler Lost Focus On His Primary Responsiblity—Enforcing Laws … Not Making Them????

February 25, 2015



February 20th Republican Aegis Editorial

The Republican Aegis suggests that the new Harford County  Sheriff Jeff Gahler may “need a bit of a reminder about the role of his new office. The sheriffs primary responsibility in Harford County is enforcing the laws. not making them.” 

 Gahlers primary focus so far has been to advocate changing the law to omit safety firing training for gun permits,  changing the law to provide for a warrant-intercept program and changing the law that doesnt allow the Sheriff to moonlight.

The Republican Aegis  comments:  “…the sheriff needs to be focused on law enforcement, not legislative lobbying in Annapolis….the sheriff needs to be seen having his attention focused on the crime problems that afflict Harford County…The sheriff needs to focus” on crime and safe roads “and be seen through his actions as making them high priorities”

Sesame Street House of Bricks (HouseOfCards Parody)

February 25, 2015

Bill Maher Monlogue – Rudy Giuliani’s Fifty Shades of Black/ Fran Liebowitz On Giuliani & Racism

February 22, 2015




Bill Maher/RealTime – New Rules – Weed the People/ Lunatic Cringe/Jeb Bush Is A Cynical Turd

February 22, 2015



GahlerWatch – Kooky Tea Party Harford Couny Sheriff Jeff “MoreGuns” Gahler Now Wants To Strip Mandated Gun Safety Training From Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013 — Firearms And Autos Should Require Safety Training —They Are Both Deadly Weapons

February 20, 2015


MotherJones – Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams And The Falklands War

February 20, 2015

Bill Maher/ Real Time – Obama Helth Care Reform Didnot Go Far Enough

February 20, 2015

FBI Director James Comey/ Avenue Q – Everybodys A Little Bit Racist

February 20, 2015




Gowdys Dream

February 19, 2015

Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Harford County Council Pres Dick Slutzky Suggests That Voters Are Stupid If They Read Newspapers. He Doesnt Like Voters Knowing About Campaign Contributions He Recieves Or Knowing About Special Interst Zoning Code Changes He Supports Or Knowing About His Political Ineptitude

February 17, 2015

Thomas Jefferson:  Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.-+-+-



Bill Maher Celeb Fragrances

February 15, 2015

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HoganWatch/CityPaper/WanderingEye – Gov. Hogan Ignores Science That Air Pollution Causes Death

February 14, 2015




Bill Maher Monologue/ Celebrity Fragrances – 02/13/15

February 14, 2015



– Harfords Gun-Nut State Senators Wayne Norman And Bob Cassilly Join 11 Other Republican Senators To Introduce Senate Bill 100 To Make “Self-Defense” A Legitimate Reason To Carry Concealed Weapon In MerryLand…Thanks To The Democrats This Crazy Bill Hasnt Got A Prayer

February 14, 2015


Click to access sb100f.pdf


Bill Maher/New Rules – 02/13/15 – Maher Analyzes Network News And Inflate Gate

February 14, 2015


Bored Bel Air Reactionary Republican Congressman Andy Harris Winks On C-Span , Then Plays With His Cell Phone, Winks Again, Departs

February 12, 2015



Bill Maher/Real Time Vaccinations – 02/06/15

February 12, 2015

GahlerWatch/MarylandReporter – Warrant Intercept Program Is Racially Challenged – Legislation Introduced In Annapolis By Harford County Repub Politicians And Tea Party Sheriff Jeff “More Guns” Gahler

February 12, 2015



Bill Maher/ Monologue – 02/06/15 – NBC Anchor Brian Willaims Statements Were Such A Blatant Departure From The Truth He Was Immediately Offered A Job On Fox News – Someone Forgot To Tell Pres Obama That Prayer Breakfasts Are No Place For The Facts – And By The Way Slavery Was Not Americas Fault—-Africa Just Resisted Arrest

February 8, 2015

Bill Maher/Real Time – 02/06/15 – Brian Williams ConflateGate

February 8, 2015

Bill Maher/ RealTime – 02 06 15 – New Rules – Sarah Palin Self Destructs

February 8, 2015




HoganWatch/MarylandReporter – Gov Hogan State of State Speech Trashes Maryland And Offers Campaign Slogans, Speaker of House Busch : “You Campaign With Slogans, You Govern With Facts”

February 6, 2015



NYTimes – Bronx Obama

February 6, 2015

HoganWatch/DodgyDagger – Hogan SHA Overturns Plum Tree Wal-Mart Regulation – Hogan Chooses Corprate Interests Over Community Interests

February 5, 2015


RollingStone/ Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Joins GOP Hit Squad , A Band of Conservative Republican Brothers Dedicated to The Dirty Work Of Obstructing Democracy

February 4, 2015




Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Uses Neo-Republican Propaganda In Front Page Headline (i.e sleep tax,rain tax), But Objective Info In Internal Headline (room tax, stormwater runoff fee)

February 3, 2015





CityPaper – Maryland Green Party Still Struggles

February 3, 2015


The Nose/City Paper – Larry Hogan’s Inaugural Nosepicking And Cringeworthy Skynyrd Tunes – Hogan Likely One Term Guv If He Continues His Anti-Environment And Social Conservative Ways

February 3, 2015


Obamas Not From Kenya, He’s From The Bronx

February 3, 2015







Bill Maher New Rules – 01/30/15

February 1, 2015



Bill Maher Monologue 01/30/15 – The NE Patriots Are the Goldman Sachs of the NFL—Lying, Cheating Thieves-

February 1, 2015

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