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C-Span – To Make Men Free: History of Republican Party – Heather Cox Richardson

March 31, 2015


ABCNews/Sunday – Could Martin O’Malley Beat Hillary ???

March 30, 2015

C-Span – John Nichols – Negative Ads Supress Voter Turnout

March 28, 2015

C-Span – W. Joseph Campbell – 1995: The Year the Future Began

March 28, 2015


Bill Maher -March 27. 2015 – Lets Stay Out of Yemen -Barney Frank and Dodd-Frank – Interview With Huckabee

March 28, 2015







Bill Maher/RealTime – March 27, 2015NewRules/Monologue

March 28, 2015





CecilTimes/DelMarVaNews – What Are Republicans Smoking In Cecil County? Medical Marijuana Grower Looks At Land Owned By Republican County Council President Robert Hodge – Grower Also Looking At Republican Harford and Frederick Counties For Possible Pot Farm?

March 28, 2015





Thomas Dybdahl / Michael Kiwanuka

March 27, 2015




Walmart – The High Cost of Low Prices: It Cost Taxpayers On Average $904,542 To Support The Workers of Just One Walmart Store

March 26, 2015


DailyShow/ JonStewart – Republican Conservatives Make Excuses For Racist College Fraternity

March 26, 2015

CNN – Racially-Challenged Sons of Confederate Vets Defend Confederate Licence Plates As A Program For Racial Reconcilliation

March 26, 2015

Jim Jefferies, Austrailian Comedian, Savages NRA Bullshit Arguments Against Gun Control, – NRA Arguments Are Same Arguments Confederates Used To Oppose End of Slavery – Most Gun Owners Oppose Gun Control Not Because They Want Home/Personal Protection But Because They Just Love Guns (Gun Nuts)

March 26, 2015 c0218-AUguns-250x175 In Australia we had guns right up until 1996. In 1996 Australia had the biggest massacre on Earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. Now after that the government banned guns. In the ten years before Port Arthur there were ten massacres.  Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre . I don’t know how or why this happen. Maybe it was a coincidence. Right. In Australia we had the biggest massacre on Earth. The Australian government said “That’s it. No more guns!” And we all went “Yeah that seems fair enough.” Now in America you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little children died and your government went “Maybe we’ll get rid of the Big Guns??? And 50% of you went “FUCK YOU! DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!”   You have guns because you like guns. That’s why you go to gun conventions. You read gun magazines. You dont give a shit about home security. None of  you go to home security conventions. None of you read Padlock Monthly. None of you have a Facebook picture of you behind a secure door sayin “Fuckin’, yeah!”

MarylandReporter – Demographics Say Rep. Donna Edwards Most Likely To Beat Only Viable Republican Candidate For U.S. Senate

March 24, 2015

Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NCMaryland Governor Makes Appeal For Slot Machines


DanRoderick/WYPR/ Midday – Rona Kobell, Bay Journal

March 24, 2015 Eastern-Shore-Legislative-Districts-787x1024kobell

Nights And Days of Molly Dodd – The Twin Towers Opening (3rd Season) –The Ingrid Bergman Incident

March 22, 2015




BillMaher/Real Time – Monologue/New Rules – 03/20/15

March 22, 2015








Harford Republican Councilman Captain Jim (McMahon) Has Panic Attack About JLENS Blimp At APG : “What Is Up In The Air?… Just Tell Us What It Is! We Can Handle the Truth” Maybe Capt. Jim Didnt Ask NORAD Enough Question During The Briefing Or Maybe He Wasnt Listening

March 21, 2015





Aegis/CAP-EMP – Wal-Mart a Bunch of Baloney -Local Developer Lawyer Joe Snee Wants Taxpayers To Bailout Plum Tree Wal-Mart And Eva Mar Project – Pay-Up Road Improvments, DownSize Or Look Elsewhere

March 18, 2015




Capt Kirk ( Sen. John McCain) Apolgizes For Criticizing Spock ( Pres. Barack Obama) — It Was Snowing And Everybody Wanted To Get Outta Town Quick And I Didnt Really Read The Iran Letter

March 15, 2015




Bill Maher 03/13/15 – NewRules : Heir Supply – Affluence-za And Culture of Dependence

March 14, 2015


Bill Maher/Real Time – Monologue/ New Rules. March 13, 2015 To Swereve And Protect, Cracker Barrell, Time Bandit,, Sen.Tom Cotton And the Mutiny Republicans Are Rude,Condescending And Stupid

March 14, 2015




CecilTimes – Doofus Cecil County Republican Del. Kevin Hornberger Leads Two Doofus Harford Repub Delegates (Terresa Reilly & Andy Cassilly) Into Sponsoring Incompetent Cecil College Legislation

March 14, 2015




Cecil Times – Bel Air/E.Shore Republican Reactionary Congressman Andy (Winky) Harris BACKSDOWN From Threat To Throw D.C. Mayor In Jail For Carrying Out The Will of The People On The Marijuana Referendum

March 13, 2015



WYPR/Midday – Heather Cox Richardson – A History of the Republican Party

March 13, 2015


WJZ/TV – Ludicrious Political Quote of the Week -Harford TeaParty/Republican Sen. Wayne ( I Like Guns) Norman: “And To Me The Fact That Money Is More Important Than Family Is Ludicrous”

March 13, 2015



BASCF Brings Knife To Gun Fight : Wal-Mart Propaganda, Bel Air 3D Store Tour Video vs. No Bel Air Wal-Mart’s , Shit-Kicking Country Song Counter-Attack Video,

March 12, 2015




Actors Studio – Julia Louis-Dreyfus

March 12, 2015

SNL/DailyShow/Rackjite – Hillary Clintons E-Mail Kerfuffle

March 10, 2015



Bill Maher Monologue/NewRules – March 6, 2015

March 9, 2015




Bill Maher – How To Love America

March 9, 2015

Bill Maher/Real Time – Liberals Say : This Is A Black Teenager With An Orange Soda – Conservatives Say : Oh My God He’s Got a Gun, Shoot Now!

March 9, 2015


Bill Maher Real Time March 6, 2015 – The Conservative Brain Sees the World Differently

March 9, 2015

Salon/Alternet/PLOS – New Research Links White Racism With Opposition To Gun Control

March 4, 2015






Are HBO And Netflix In Bidding War For Movie/TV Rights To Barbara Mikulski Political Thriller Novel???

March 4, 2015


George Carlin/Napalm And Silly Putty

March 4, 2015


WYPR/MidDay – Mikulski Retires- Barry Rascovar,Farser Smith, Will O’Malley Run For Senate?

March 4, 2015


Bill Maher Concert/ Politically Incorrect

March 3, 2015



DodgyDagger – Campaign Urges All-Male. All-White Incumbent Havre De Grace Elected Officials To Step Aside, And Encourage Women And Minorities To Run

March 3, 2015





Md Sen. Barbara Mikulski To Retire – U.S. Senate Seat Up For Grabs In 2016 : Ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley , Heather Mizeur, Labor Sec. Tom Perez, Mayor Rawlings Blake, Congressman Andy “(Winky) Harris and ex-Gov.Bob Ehrilich May Run

March 2, 2015




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