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RollingStone/ MattTaibbi – Inside The GOP Clown Car

August 14, 2015


Boston Herald/CNN – Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire 44 to 37%

August 13, 2015


Alternet/Independent – Was Shakespeare A Pot Smoker? Archeologists Make A Surprising Find of Cannabis DNA! (Sonnet# 76 “Invention is a noted weed”)

August 12, 2015


MJBizDaily – Cannabis Business In Colorado Spotlight On Havre De Grace Native Son Brian Rogers

August 12, 2015


CNN/VirgoGirlMedia – Havre de Grace Native Son Brian Rogers Talks About Being A Rocky Mountain High Millionaire Mogul

August 12, 2015

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BrianLeher/WNYC – Jon Stewarts Last Daily Show

August 12, 2015


NewYorker – Donald Trump Is A Celebrity Demagogue

August 12, 2015


NYTimes – A Manual For Cleaning Women – Lucia Berlin –

August 12, 2015


CNN Program “High Profits” – Havre de Grace, Md Native Brian Rogers Dubbed Marijuana Mogul In Colorado

August 11, 2015

FoxNews -John Stewart vs Chris Wallace On Fox Bias

August 10, 2015

MemoToZurawick/BloombergNews – Jon Stewart – How A Fake News Man Won Over America

August 10, 2015

David Letterman Interviews Donald Trump in 1987

August 10, 2015

Seth Myers At 2011 WH Correspondence Dinner Destroys Donald Trump

August 10, 2015

Pre-Daily Show John Stewart at White House Correspondence Dinner 1997 With Pres Bill Clinton

August 10, 2015

Jon Stewart Indecision September 20000

August 10, 2015

C-Span – Eric Boehlert Media Matters – 2016 Campaign Media Coverage – Fox News Has Essentially Taken Over the Republican Party, They Regurgitate Republican Talking Points 24/7!

August 10, 2015

NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Trump The Disrupter – Megan Kelly Taunts Trump Into Post-Debate Alleged Misogyny Outburst

August 9, 2015


NYMag/JonathanChait/GabrielSherman – Trump vs The Republican Party (i.e. Fox News)- Now It’s War

August 8, 2015


Trump At The Roxbury

August 8, 2015

Bill Maher New Rules – Floss Hog – Aug 7 ,2015

August 8, 2015

Bill Maher Real Time OverTime – Aug 7, 2015 -Republicans Are Fear Mongering With Hyperbolic Misinformation About Sanctuary Cities

August 8, 2015

Bill Maher Real Time – Monologue – Aug 7, 2015 – Trump Gaffe, Asks Rubio To Park His Car – Jeb Bush Doesnt Mind Being In Second Place, Says Thats How His Brother Became President

August 8, 2015

Bill Maher Real Time – New Rules – Aug 7, 2015

August 8, 2015


RealNews – Confusion And Leadership Vaccum Fueled Freddy Gray Unrest (Jane Miller,WBAL, Broadwater,The Sun)

August 8, 2015

Real News – Passions Erupt As Pocomoke Officials Stonewall On Black Police Chief Firing , Mayor Bruce Morrison Says “I Am Not A Racist!” But “Hiring Chief Sewell Back. I Dont See That Happening.”

August 8, 2015

VillageVoice – 20 Most Donald Trump Lines From First Republican Presidential Debate

August 7, 2015


CityPaper – Joe Flacco Shows Up At GOP Debates On Sign Behind Chris Matthews: Is Joe Flacco An Elite QB?

August 7, 2015


Salon – Fox News Wore Jon Stewart Down – How 16 Years Of Debunking Right Wing Lies Exhausted The Last Honest Man

August 6, 2015



Is David Zurawik, Sun TV Reporter, The Most Untrusted Man In Baltimore Journalism And A Political Hack For Fox News?

August 6, 2015

XPISXpzi_400x400083013-john-stewart-cover-thunb-624-1377794766David Zurawik, TV critic for the Baltimore Sun and Fox News TV critic on Media Buzz, recently wrote a critical column  on Jon Stewart ,”Entertaining, Yes; Cronkite, Definitely No”.  Mr. Zurawik  like Fox News has trouble with the facts. He sorta makes them up to match  his reactionary point of view.  Jon Stewart is the Cronkite of our time. Stewart was selected in a Times online poll as Americas most trusted newsmaker. Cronkite was the most trusted journalist of his time. Thats what the Cronkite comparison refers to. Stewart garnered 49% of the vote with Brian Williams coming in second with 29%.(K.Couric 19%,C.Gibson 7%)

Mr. Zurawik unfairly labels Stewarts political skepticism and irony as “attitude and snark” And he  unfairly  calls Stewart  a dishonest “broker of humor and information” because he’s not evenhanded. Mr.Zurawik like many reactionary conservatives either doesnt understand political humor or has no sense of humor. Political humor is never evenhanded when most of the political lies and bullshit comes from the political right.


VillageVoice – In Praise Of Jon Stewart, The Bro Who Evolved

August 6, 2015


NYTimes – Racism In Pocomoke: No Longer The Friendliest City On The Shore – Pocomoke City Fires Its Black Police Chief And Exposes A Racial Rift

August 4, 2015 03chief-01-master675 00POCOMOKEWEB2-articleLarge

VillageVoice – Donald Trump: Like Father Like Son – Anatomy Of A Young Power Broker

August 4, 2015



RedMaryland Or RedNeckMaryland ??? – Republican Blogger Finds It A “Disturbing Notion” That Baltimore Mayor Had Concerns About the Potential Lethal Violence Of Calling Up The National Guard And Then Declares That This Makes Mayor Rawlings-Blake Unfit To Be Mayor of A Lemonade Stand

August 4, 2015




MarylandReporter/Barry Rascovar – Is Gov Larry Hogan Another Spiro Agnew or Chris Christie? Is He Playing To His Partisan Political Base –Angry White Men And Women ,With Ignorant Tough Talk, Arrogant Insults And Easy Answers?

August 3, 2015


NYTimes/Maureen Dowd – Joe Biden In 2016 – What Would Beau Do?

August 3, 2015


Hillarious Republican Aegis “Bathwater” Editorial Endorsement Of Arrogant Aberdeen Mayor Eight Years Ago Could Be Dusted Off Next Year For Endorsment Of Arrogant Donald Trump For President

August 1, 2015



“As for Simmons, we don’t believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. HE IS A CONTROLLING DRIVEN PRESENCE WHO IS BRUTALLY HONEST AND DOESN’T LIKE HEARING “NO” FOR AN ANSWER. But we think, warts and all, as he describes his less than diplomatic leadership, Simmons is the best choice to lead Aberdeen for the next two years.

He is smart, savvy and most importantly, committed to doing whats best for Aberdeen and all its residents….blah blah bah yada yada yada…”

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ravens Schedule – Denver??? Frisco? Seattle???

August 1, 2015


Bill Maher – Full Q & A At Oxford University- – “Republicans Like To Think of Themselves as Libertarians…Because It Has the Word Liberty In It. But Theyre Really Authoritarians. They Talk About Freedom But They Dont Want Freedom. They Want An Authoritarian Government That Agrees With Them And Punishes People They Dont Like.”

August 1, 2015

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