Patrick “Shady” McGrady, Tea Party Republican Wing-Nut ,Wins Mayors Race In Aberdeen With 33.7% Of Vote – Taylor , Landbeck And Lindy Win Council Seats, – McGrady Without Any Council Support Can Only Mis- Lead,



The vote devided up three ways . McGrady got 33.7%. Bennett got  30.9%  Posey-Moss (21%) and Elliot (17%) got 38%.  That makes McGrady ironically  a minority-Mayor. 68% of voters did not vote for him.. I think we need a run-off election. McGrady is an extreme Republican reactionary that most voters dont want . And he didnt drag any of his KnowNothing TeaParty “team” onto the council.   It was the number one question last time. How can you govern when you dont get along with anyone. Now that question is a reality. McGrady cant govern as a one-man band. The Council will have to govern and drag McGrady around an embarrassing four years and hope his clownish immaturity doesnt degrade the image of Aberdeen as a progressive community. McGrady wont get anything done unless he co-operates with the council programs.He will be “out -gunned” and out voted with any of his crazy ideas. I have a feeling Aberdeen will become the laughing stock of Maryland. Move over Pocomoke!

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