RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Board of Elections Urges City Government To Hold Runoff Election – McGrady Hesitates. Decides Not To Decide – City Manager Talks More Nonsense


The Aberdeen Board of Elections has requested the elected Aberdeen City government to call for a runoff election to resolve the tie vote that ocured  on election day  between Tea party Republican Sean DeBonis and incumbent Democrat  Stephen Smith.

New Aberdeen Mayor, Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady,  first ignored an e-mail  from the Aberdeen Board of Elections  (Monday)  urging a special runoff election and then when reached by phone (Wednesday) the Mayor decided to not decide . He wants to review the request or delay making the decision while he talks with his lawyers.  The runoff election ,suggested by the Aberdeen Board of Elections, would  leave the decision up to the voters and serve the democratic process.   The City Managers and City Attorneys suggestion  to “appoint” a councilperson would give the decision to the Mayor  and arrogantly negate the voice of the voters and ignore the campaign efforts of DeBonis And Smith.

The City Manager Doug Miller  “reiterated” his legal bullshit opinion that while democracy is a good idea , fairness is not a good idea for the city(?). He now says that if we have a runoff election  approved by the elected city government that  this will hurt the city’s ability to borrow money. According to Miller the banks “might” say  that a democratic election wasn’t proper  and therefore refuse the city a loan.   Can’t the city manager just say he was wrong, and stop the rationalization  of nonsense?



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