TouchDown Baltimore – MikePreston Says Ravens Will Be Slaughtered By Steelers



Mike Viviano/WJZ-TV  : Ravens cannot pull off a win no matter what QB they use.  Pittsburgh 28- Ravens 10

Mike Preston/BaltoSun:  Pittsburgh  50 – Ravens 20. If they leave Big Ben in the whole game it could be 60 to 20.

Bruce Laird/BaltoColt:  They’ve got three good wideouts, a running game and sometimes they have a defense. Steelers 31 – Ravens 9

(OnTheOtherHand: Baltimore’s defense [342yds] is equal to Cincy  [335yds] and Cincy beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh 16 to 10. Pittsburgh’s offense  [402yds] is best in AFC but Baltimore offense  [358] stat-wise is just a nick less than Cincy [367yds] .   Ravens should avoid a blowout at home with their chief rival. Playmakers will rise to the  occasion.  Ravens win  27-24 with last minute FG.  …Besides Mike Preston always picks Pittsburgh to win ,even if we have Flacco. He’s bullshit….Also Ravens should wear their golden pants again. It will confuse Big Ben and he’ll throw two or three interceptions. If they can’t wear golden  pants Ravens should blitz Big Ben occasionally  on 1st or 3rd down to force turnovers and mistakes. Big Ben can’t take the pressure and he is prone to injury.)

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