RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Swears In New City Manager – New CM Robertson Wants To Improve Public Relations With Citizens


The new Aberdeen City Manager got off on the wrong foot. Aberdeen doesn’t need better public relations (bullshit).  Aberdeen needs a fair trash tax. The new trash tax increase is only on those that use the least trash. Their trash tax doubles. The citizens who produce the most trash received no increase.  If  a tax increase is necessary, the burden of that  cost should be on everyone especially those that produce the most trash.  If the tax is necessary it would be fair only if Purple Stickers cost 75 cents and Yellow stickers cost $1.50 (50% raise across the board). The Council and the City Manager must keep the Mayors stupid ideas in check.  He is the Mayor not the King.  “Everything” is not important , Mr Robertson. Fairness and commonsense are important.




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