Election Day 2016/Republican Aegis: – Hold Your Nose And Vote For the Witch …err….the Woman Or The Orange Hitler!

The Republican Aegis can not in good conscience  endorse either  Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President. The journalistic apocalypse is here. (If they endorse Hillary there will be mass subscription cancellations.from North  Harford. If they endorse Trump there will also be numerous cancellations in South Harford)  The Aegis CANT support Trump because he is “unfit to be President” only because of “PussyGate”. Being a racist bigot and know-nothing ignoramus is not a problem. On the  other hand the Aegis WONT support Hillary because of too many boring E-Mails  and because of numerous paranoid conspiracy theories surrounding  Benghazi.The Aegis thus leaves the matter of who to vote for , up to each individual delicate voter.Your on your own voters.  There will be no cliche drenched wisdom to guide you. Can you handle it? You have to vote, or you cant complain. That’s what the first amendment says. Isn’t it? So the Aegis suggests like the crazy tabloid NY Post suggests: Hold your nose and VOTE, goddamit! And please subscribe to the Aegis!




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