Republican Aegis Endorses Current Bull Shit Plan For Helping The Homeless – Encourage Everybody To Do More And As A Backup Plan Give The Cops Utility Knives To Cut Up Homeless Tents

Here’s what happens at the Harford County Dept of Community Services when a person voluteer’s to help the homeless in Harford County. You get a phone call two days later asking for $20.00 for homeless veterans. That’s it. That’s Harford County’s DSC  outreach program.They give your phone number to another organization to beg money from you.

What is Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady’s solution for the homeless ? Last December an angry citizen suggested the govt throw the homeless out of their tent city near the library because it was too close to a school. The Mayors response was to  reword Christian doctrine by saying ” We will always have the poor..but .there is nothing we can do about it…” Then the Mayor urged the angry citizen to join him in trying to find  a  better solution.  Soon after the local police raided the tent city and cut their tents up making them uninhabitable.

A year later the same angry citizen makes the same complaint. And now the Aberdeen Police Chief is in charge of social service outreach  for the homeless. This year the police chief says “Homelessness  is not a crime” and he dedicates his job to protect the homeless. After police harassment didn’t work last year the Mayor & council have  delegated the  whole matter to the Police Social Service Out-Reach Dept.

The Harford County and Aberdeen bullshit solution to homelessness is to keep delegating the responsibility to somebody else. And the  Republican Aegis’s  job is to  endorse this bullshit policy.

There is one Aberdeen  homeless veteran who’s tent is in the woods near Wal-Mart. This homeless vet works at Wal-Mart during the night.  He inhabits his tent during the warmer day hours.  He  is homeless because he is trying to raise money for a vehichle.  Wal-Mart doesn’t pay a living wage so he cant pay rent and raise car money at the same time.  Here might be the solution.  Get the town govt/ Harf DCS  to co-operate with Wal-Mart to build a tent city  near their facility to provide third shift workers for Wal-Mart. Or better yet immediately  pass a Aberdeen City  ordinance requiring Wal-Mart to pay all workers a starting living wage of $15.00 an hour. The homeless who are stuck in the woods are ready to work if given some real social service assistance and a living wage.

Save the homeless! Fight for 15!




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