Trumpmobile $300K McClaren Car Burned Up In Aberdeen , Md

Local dishonest County newspaper  The Aegis prints picture of generic version of the vandalized car. The real car was a gaudy glorified advertisement for the President-elect Donald Trump. Aberdeen is not a Trump-loving town. Its the Democratic center of Harford County. Down here we  consider the President-elect a racist sexist bigot. The car itself was a walking-talking hate crime –advertising a racist demagogue. The DiCocco boys should park there next trashy car in Bel Air.







2 Responses to “Trumpmobile $300K McClaren Car Burned Up In Aberdeen , Md”

  1. Trump Train Says:

    We had to put up with 8 years of your bullshit, now it’s your turn to go through what we did.

    Regardless of your view, it does not give you any right to burn down another mans car, $300,000 value or not. It really show yours true biased nature. You are PRAISING DESTRUCTION. Absolutely disgusting, like the typical Liberals you are.


    • harfobama Says:

      Thanks for your input. If you think I’m all nonsense then go back to Breitbart and Stormfront .
      Everybody has a “true biased nature”— mine is progressive-populist.
      I did not burn down anybody’s car and I was not involved in “PRAISING DESTRUCTION”.
      In civilized society, campaign signs are usually taken down within one week of an election out of respect for democracy and common sense (Decency is what Repubs call PC.) Its against the law in Aberdeen to keep signs up after one week. And it is commonly considered provocative taunting when you keep campaign signs up way past there time. The election was 5 weeks ago. The cars obvious purpose now (way after the election) is to challenge others in a mocking or insulting manner. The Ricoccos just did their mocking in the wrong town. The Trump signs are easily removed from the Trumpmobile. In Bel Air the Trumpmobile fits right in with the alt-right/neo-Confederate John Wilkes Booth tradition. All I said was parking that ugly car in Aberdeen is a advertisement for a racist demagogue.The election is over. A sore winner wants to poke a political stick in the eyes of non-Trump voters…. And there’s probably more to the story. Anyone arrogant enough to park the trumpmobile in Aberdeen at this time probably isn’t above hurling verbal insults. You reap what you sew. Shit draws flys.

      Merry Christmas! Resist Trump!


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