Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Says “There Is Nothing We Can Do About (the Poor)…” And He Does Nothing! – Councilman Taylor Says We Need A Homeless Commission To Focus On A Strategy To Do Something! – The Rest of The Council Is Asleep At The Wheel Again!

Harford Progressive Caucus

taylorSUGGESTION: If the City owns the empty Moose Lodge and you cant find any Moose this winter to put in the lodge then  open up part of the Moose Lodge as a night shelter for the homeless in Tent City. Usually this time of the year the churches take the homeless in for the winter nights. If they are not being contacted or they are not interested then common sense says the City government should seize responsibility for the winter-protection of the homeless on the streets. Then the Mayor/Council should seriously consider Councilman Taylor’s suggestion! Make a plan for the future  homeless problem! The Mayor can get away with stalling a crooked  rigged run-off election but he cant get away with stalling on the winter sheltering of the homeless. Human lives are in jeopardy while the  Mayor  hesitates and the Council procrastinates. “Don’t do something, just stand there” is not…

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