Aegis Dodgy Headline And Dodgy Sheriff Provoke Hysteria Over Annual Homeless Memorial Service

Local Harford County backwater newspaper The Aegis did its best to deceive and misrepresent the annual homeless memorial service in its front page headline: VIGIL HONORS COP KILLER.   The  candle vigil merely memorializes anyone who was homeless when they died in the county in 2016. No one was “honored”. Six dead homeless were remembered.


The local Harford backwater Sheriff Jeff Gahler joined in on the hysteria with a letter denouncing the vigil for mentioning the  homeless police killers name, David B. Evans. He was homeless when he died so he deserves to be apart of the homeless vigil.

The Aegis’s  inside headline (4) was more honest  objective  journalism but I guess it doesnt sell as many papers because its not  tabloid short and sensational.


If we took better care of the homeless maybe six of  them wouldn’t be dead and maybe one  of them wouldn’t have acted  in a deranged violent manner.

Merry hysterical Christmas  David Anderson (Aegis) and  Sheriff Gahler!


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