#DemocracyIn5Words: The Right To A Run-Off!

Harford for Obama, Bernie, Hillary and ...


The Aberdeen, Maryland voters, voted last November in their town election. One council seat ended in a tie vote.

Now 5 months later the tie-vote problem has not been resolved. The Aberdeen Ethics Commission suggested the town hold a run-off election. The City Manager/City Lawyer said the City Council could resolve the tie-vote with a council vote.

The Tea Party Republican Mayor ignored the Ethics Commission suggestion and decided to have a council vote.

But the Mayor refused to nominate both of the tie-vote candidates. He nominated his Tea Party crony  in the tie-vote, but refused to nominate the incumbent Democrat in the tie vote. He doesn’t like the Democrat. Instead he is now nominating candidates who were not part of the tie-vote and the council rightfully refuses to vote for unqualified nominees.

Its been five months. Novembers tie-vote has not been resolved in 5 motnhs because the Mayor…

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