The 2016 Testudo Award for The Laziest Mayor In Maryland: Mayor Patrick McGrady, Aberdeen


  1. Mayor Patrick McGrady spent over 5 months filling the fourth seat on the Aberdeen City Council  after a tied election last November (2015) when the process should only take ten days at most. He ended up rigging the the Council run-off vote by illegally nominating a  political crony who was not even in the election.
  2. Mayor Patrick   McGrady spent 13 months reforming the town charter in regards to resolving tie-vote elections in the future.  The new charter amendment requires a run-off election of voters rather than a rigged council vote.
  3.  Mayor Patrick McGrady spent 12 months since indicating he would work with others to find a  solution to the homeless problem in  Aberdeen.  He has so far  been all promise and no political progress. 12 months and counting.




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