Why There is Going to be A Civil War in the US Next Year

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President Obama could, if not prevent this, slow it down by using a recess appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Indeed, what he should do is recess appoint at least 50 Judges.

Image result for KKK Judge A Trump Judiciary

Ironic justice: Donald Trump could completely overhaul the judiciary, thanks to Republican obstructionism

President-elect Donald Trump could replace more than 100 federal judges, with help from Republicans

Without question, one of the areas in which President-elect Donald Trump will most transform America is in its judiciary.

When he takes office, Trump will have to fill 103 judicial vacancies, nearly twice as many as the 54 that President Obama had to fill at the start of his presidency in 2009, according to The Washington Post on Sunday.

The unusually large number of vacancies can be attributed to Republican obstructionism. After the GOP took over the Senate in 2015, they established a policy of…

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