Republican Aegis Talks To Everyone But The Aberdeen Tent City Homeless In Front Page Story! Backwater Newspaper Treats Homeless As If They Are Dangerous Criminals That Cant Be Approached

Why didnt the Republican  Aegis reporter try to communicate with Aberdeens Tent City homeless? Why does the local press  and the County govt treat the homeless as if they are dangerous refugees? Why didnt the Aegis reporter  ask the “heart-broken” Mayor why he doesnt use his “empty” rehabed Church on Bel Air Ave  for a “wet house” for the homeless in Aberdeen?  The Mayor has passed the buck to the County on the homeless. He hasnt done a damn thing  in Aberdeen to resolve the problems except call the homeless  ignorant names like “stubborn” and “hardheaded”. That really sounds like a “broken-heart”   ( The Aegis/ Record headline was a quote from  Mayor: “It breaks my heart”)







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