• There Is A Snake, Ready To Coil
  • Poised, flickering, venomto spoil
  • Delirium, fused confusion to create
  • War, is the desired mistake
  • Of the waging, warring wrath
  • Winning, notin the aftermath
  • Determined by who died on whose behalf
  • The Nazis neo-Cons under Bush cried
  • Peak oil, it was tried, then died
  • To Un-Nerve world economies
  • The, we are running out
  • Of all Black, golden, cheap energies
  • Got an unraveling turn about
  • And the oil prices couldn’t peak out
  • Seems the world refused to cooperate
  • As wars were used to obliterate
  • Our willnot to kill, but live in peace
  • Yet, the Nazis who rule, can’t be ceased
  • So now, let the Black snake out
  • Burning the world order into a rout
  • Destroying world economies
  • Not with the high, but the low
  • Release our Siberian snake
  • And watch how low oil prices will go
  • Hissing, Siberia, has huge

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