The DEAD Giveaway


  • Many Of You Will Be Taken Alive
  • It is the only way you will survive
  • Those of you who willhave none of it
  • Will die forcing others to submit
  • Your means of escape will bondthe survivors
  • Your dying is the wallof the captors
  • At a time when freedom will reignsupreme
  • Seeing is believing becomes an optic dream
  • It can’t be happening to us
  • We have money, constitution, in Godwe trust
  • Conservatism will be the orderof the day
  • Liberty, in step, the stentorian way
  • You will not fight back
  • It will be a surprise attack
  • Blitzkrieg, lightening war, out of the blue
  • The passion to subdue, overcoming you
  • The system has become a fish flopping on sand
  • Is a system that can only make demands
  • Money nobody wants
  • Has nothing left but war taunts
  • Like a stripper dancing to tease
  • It does everything…

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