Random Redundancy


The Mind of RD REVILO

  • You Hear, But Do You Listen
  • Their mouths are moving again
  • But whatdo you hear
  • Hate, Love or Fear
  • Each emotion, its significance
  • Each, a manipulation of intelligence
  • The tie that binds, ignorance
  • Listening to news, you knowno more
  • Than you did before
  • Cackle, gaggle, babble
  • The noiseof rabble
  • But if you listen
  • You willgrasp the air
  • The mouths are moving
  • You hear, not to amass or amount
  • You word count
  • You word cloud
  • Whether anti or pro
  • They say the same words
  • Words youknow
  • Regardless of source
  • Colouring differs the discourse
  • To persuade, a made
  • Opinion, of graying shades
  • They behest to suggest
  • Whether you should comply or contest
  • The same words repeated
  • Thoughts as dots
  • The lines connecting
  • You have completed
  • Not detecting their directing
  • How many times do you hear
  • Trump, democrat, republican, illegals
  • Muslims, security, terrorism
  • Conservative, refugee, liberals
  • Immigration, great…

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