Are we but a brain?

Rationalising The Universe

Today we have another post which falls into the realm of Philosophy of Science. An idea which makes us question our perception of reality, of our knowledge and consciousness. This is the sceptic’s favourite – the Brain in a Vat scenario.

Let’s explain what this scenario is before we branch off into the different variations and pass any judgement. The brain in a vat scenario is the scenario when an evil scientist, machine or other more powerful being than a mere human, has removed the brain from a human’s body and suspended it in a vat full of a concoction of organ-preserving elements. The neurons in the brain are then connected by wires to a ‘supercomputer which can deliver electrical impulses to the brain, ‘identical’ to those the brain would naturally receive when existing within a body which is interacting with an independent reality. At the end of the day that’s…

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