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Aberdeen Mayor Finds Way To Get Homeless Out Of Aberdeen! Make It A Crime To Be Homeless In Aberdeen!

March 31, 2017

Aberdeen (Md) Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck joined the Aberdeen Tea Party (Mayor Pat  McGrady and Steven Goodin) to co-sponsor a town ordinance to make living in a homeless tent  in Aberdeen a crime.  The ordinance will impose a $50 fine on anyone living in a tent for more than 24 hours within the town borders.

The “Handcuff the Homeless” Bill is meant to create an incentive for the homeless to get out of Aberdeen. Dwelling in a tent outside of Aberdeen allows the Aberdeen homeless problem to become a Harford Couty problem.

Ciuncilwoman Landbeck is quoted in the Republican Aegis/Sun ; “Now we’re unable lawfully to go in and say ‘You need to move’.This ordinance will give us that. We can say , ‘You can find someplace else, you just cant stay here.”

Landbeck went on to say :“It gives us authority to TREAT THE PROBLEM rather than ENABLE THE PROBLEM.”

Criminalizing the homeless is Landbeck and McGrady’s idea of “treating the problem”.

Ironicly the Police Chief Henry Trabert says  “We dont expect to get any real fines out of these people. We know they don’t have money. And we don’t to see them incarcerated, that’s not the idea”

What the hell is  the idea then. McGrady and Landbeck want to criminalize the problem and kick the problem out of town limits. Trabert, the Sociologist-Cop,  wants to solve it as a community social economic problem. “Its our duty to make sure we take care of the people who cant take care of themselves.”

If the illegitimately  appointed Councilman Steve Goodin joins McGrady-Landbeck in supporting the ordinance then the measure becomes law  unless the State or ACLU declares it unconstitutional. Goodin , a McGrady  crony,was chosen by McGrady for this mission . McGrady  solved the election tie-vote last year  by ignoring  the 699 votes that Stephen Smith recieved and instead appointed Goodin to the council  having recieved no votes. If Smith had been rightly  allowed in the tie-vote runoff McGrady would not have enough  corrupt votes to push such an ignorant inhumane measure.

If you don’t stop corruption when it starts it just spreads like cancer..

April 10th Rally at City Hall! Throw the Political Bums Out, Not the Homeless!


#HandCuffsForTheHomeless – RepublicanAegis – Juvenile Aberdeen Tea Party Mayor Considers Phony Ordinance To Fine People Living In Tents $50 Per Day!

March 31, 2017


The ice/snow storm scared the tent city homeless out of there tents for a few days . Maybe the fear of jail will scare them away for good? The homeless  are poor, not stupid.  They know that “Being homeless is not a crime”.

Thoughtless council member Sandra Landbeck verbally gave her support for the ordinance in the RepubAegis.. And the Mayor apparently put pressure on his Police Chief to support  his attention-seeking silly political stunt. “Shady” McGrady doesn’t want to deal with a serious problem by building a shelter, he wants to entertain  his wacky political base and  get his picture in the Washington Post, before he is thrown  out of office.  The Repub-Aegis loves this bullshit too—it sells newspapers.

“The poor will always be with us. There is nothing we can do about that.” – Mayor Pat McGrady

“The poor will always be with you,and you can help  them any time you want…”  Jesus

RepubAegis – Missing Aberdeen Family Found In Tent On Route 22

March 31, 2017


Flynn – “When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.”

March 31, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Former Putin’s Bitch boy, Michael Flynn asked for immunity from both the House and Senate today. He had already been negotiating immunity from the FBI for turning state’s evidence on the Chumph…Here’s Flynn back before the election on Meet the Press…

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Democracy Now – The Real Bowling Green Massacre Plan Wasn’t A Muslim It Was A White Racist Who Planed To Kill Blacks And Jews

March 31, 2017

Bob Moses – Before I Fall

March 31, 2017

Seth Myers Monologue – Putins Approval Rating, Arby’s Faces Lawsuit

March 31, 2017

Rolling Stone/ Matt Taibbi – Trump The Destroyer: In a Chaotic Rollout For The Ages, Trump Stuffed His Cabinet With Tyrants, Zealots And Imbeciles – All Bent On Demolishing Government From Within!

March 30, 2017

PewResearch – The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, The Dagger Dawgs, Anonimity And Fake News

March 30, 2017


The Real Reason White Folks in the Red Zone are Losing Their Jobs to Immigrants…Drugs

March 30, 2017

Btx3's Blog

The meme is thousands unemployed by factory closings. Jobs taken by profiteering companies moving work overseas.

But why is it the companies which stay are having such a hard time finding workers?

The heroin/meth epidemic in rural America is doing more damage than just the never-ending overdoses…It is stealing people’s ability to work. Factory work can be dangerous, with moving machinery and heavy items being trasnsported from place to place. The transportation industry also uses rigorous drug testing because of the danger to the public of an impaired, bus, train, or tractor-trailer driver to the safety of the public. While off-work Marijuana use seems not to be a problem, a remarkably high percentage of at-fault accidents involve operators/drivers who are impaired by drug use.

I have heard this before from a friend who works for the FBI, where they had thousands of jobs open, and not enough people who could pass…

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Blame – Bastille

March 30, 2017

Full Frontal/Sam Bee – 032917 — Full Show

March 30, 2017

Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Explains Why He Corrupted The Tie-Vote Dilemma With A Partisan Political Power Grab

March 30, 2017

Harford Progressive Caucus

Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady  confuses his political fantasy of democracy with reality. All the citizens in the city are not eligible to be nominated in a tie-vote . That’s bullshit. The Counsel was suppose to break the tie-vote by voting up or down on Stephen Smith or Sean DeBonis. The same type of tie-vote occurred in New Windsor, Md. It was declared a vacancy . Everybody in New Windsor wasn’t eligible. The New Windsor Council voted to break the tie. They followed the law and respected the will of the voters. McGrady is just plain corrupt and he is desperately rationalizing his corruption. The Aberdeen Council is  either going to have a run off election or its going to have a three person council for the next four years.  Everyone knows that McGrady is trying to throw out the voters ballots (655 for Smith)  in order to grab some illegitimate …

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Spicer Exploits Tragic Sexual Assault To Justify Trump Extreme Immigration Crackdown!

March 30, 2017


Bernie Sanders /CommonDreams – Trumps Morally Repugnant Budget Must Be Defeated

March 30, 2017


WashPost – Is Bail On Its Death Bed in MerryLand?

March 30, 2017



Seth Myers – Is Devin Nunes Investigating Trump Or Working With Him?

March 29, 2017

These Harford Republicans Voted Against A Bill In Annapolis To Require Small Business To Provide Sick Leave For Their Employees in 2017!!!! THROW THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!

March 28, 2017

The Mayor Is A Mook! – TeaParty Trump-Republican Aberdeen (Md) Mayor McGrady Promotes “Idaho Potatos” In June But Opposes State/County Grant-Support For Potato Chips Made In Aberdeen In August!

March 28, 2017

Harford Progressive Caucus

Ci_Ka5xWkAAxHNZ.jpg large

Mayor McGrady is a political mook.  He and his illegitimate political council appointee Steve Goodin played fast and lose with the economic development of Aberdeen  by voting against a $1 million state grant to support Frito Lays $60 mill expansion. The same mooky McGrady wondered out loud 6 weeks ago why the Lidl grocery corp didn’t bring their hq  and distribution center to Aberdeen when they decided to put a retail outlet in town.  Its simple. Cecil  County’s deal was a $360K State loan, a $16,000 conditional loan and a $20,000 worker training grant by  Cecil’s OED.  At the time Lidl made there decision, Aberdeen City was involved in a crazy   five month long struggle to have a  council run-off vote to resolve the  tie-vote council seat. And the result was not a proper democratic process but instead it was a rigged corrupt run-off procedure that ended up putting …

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Cronyism And Bribery Bring Down Mayor – “Shame of Minneapolis”

March 28, 2017


por 12709 r2

Jan 1901 to Feb 1903
Dr. Albert Alonzo “Doc” Ames served four terms as mayor of Minneapolis. His fourth term began in January 1901 and ended with his resignation in August 1902 after a grand jury exposed the corruption in his administration.

In January 1903 McClure’s magazine published an article by nationally-known muckraking journalist Lincoln Steffens**** on the fight against corruption in Minneapolis. The story focused on Mayor Ames’ regime and how the work of the courageous grand jury led to his fall. He was convicted of bribery in February 1903.*

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”
Jeremiah 29:7 NIV**

Minneapolitans living in 1901-1903 may not have been “carried into exile” like the children of Abraham, but they likely felt that Justice abandoned them. What…

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Jimm Kimmel Live! – Trump Like To Move Stuff

March 28, 2017

Bill Maher/RealTime – Timothy Snyder : On Tyranny

March 28, 2017

Seth Myers – A Closer Look: Trump And GOP Health Care Con Falls Apart

March 28, 2017


FBI Gets in Steve Bannon’s Shorts Investigating Brietbart and Alex Jones

March 26, 2017

Btx3's Blog

Oh My!

The President’s puppeteer may lose his grip! Steve Bannon, not only a senior member of the Chumph’s campaign, and now National Security Adviser was the Editor of Brietbart. It appears that Brietbart was one of the major conduits for Russian hacking and release of mal-information about Hillary Clinton, along with Alex Jones’ “Infowars” site. There is now substantial evidence that both outfits were Russian puppets, whether willingly or not.

In any even, Bannon’s connection to both Brietbart and the Campaign provides a back channel for discussions between the Russians and the Putin’s Bitch’s Campaign.

The “bots” story is just a cover, and just describes the methodology the Russians utilized to implement the hacking once directed by Bannon.

Wonder if Amazon or EBay will provide a quantity discount on hanging ropes for traitors?

Image result for alex jonesImage result for Steve Bannon

FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites

Federal investigators are examining whether…

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Laquan McDonald Murderer Cop Charged With 16 More Counts

March 26, 2017

Btx3's Blog

New prosecutors are trying to clean up the mess made by the previous crew’s attempt at coverup of the Police murder of McDonald.

Ain’t it funny how every time a black man is murdered the “find” drugs in his system to justify the murder? Oh! He was a “serial offender!” – he got 4 Parking Tickets and a Jaywalking charge in the last 20 years!

Jason Van Dyke charged with 16 new counts in shooting death of Laquan McDonald

Jason Van Dyke

A new indictment unsealed Thursday in the murder case against Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke added 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each time the officer shot Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Joseph McMahon, the Kane County state’s attorney who was appointed special prosecutor in the high-profile case, had previously said his office believed that none of the rounds fired by Van Dyke was legally justified.

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Bill Maher / Overtime : Policing, Vets,Brexit And Terrorism

March 25, 2017

Empire Files -Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

March 25, 2017

Bill Maher/Real Time: Matt Schlapp Interview

March 25, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel – Ivanka’s New Office And Drunk Donald Trump

March 25, 2017

Bill Maher/RealTime – 032417 – Trump And The Long Con

March 25, 2017

BillMaher/RealTime – 032417 -Monologue: Repeal And Disgrace

March 25, 2017

Sun Reporter Lost In Woods

March 25, 2017


NY Daily News – After 25 Years Licence Plate Declared “Socially Unacceptable” Even Though Its Drivers Name

March 25, 2017



March 25, 2017



Harford Chamber of Commerce Is A Propaganda Machine of the Right-Wing Harford County Republicans

March 25, 2017

   The Harford Chamber of Commerce is nothing but a Right Wing Republican political lobby. Take everything they say with a grain of salt.  They are not interested in the best welfare and health of the average worker. They represent the avarice greed of bad employers. That’s why they oppose sick leave reform for small business interests  (HB1/SB 230).

Even the grand old Wal-Mart gets away with a measure of this  indecent behavior everyday. At Wal-Mart you earn sick leave after a year of employment. But…Wal-Mart pays no one sick leave on the first day they are sick.. After a year you have to burn personal/vacation time for the  first day of sickness.

The richest welfare corporation in America exploits all their workers out of sick leave on the first day they are sick. Thats sick and sad inhumane greed.

Thats the fight the Harford County  Chamber of Commerce is fighting. Exploit workers out of basic sick leave benefits.

I say throw every Harford politician in Annapolis out of office that votes against  HB 1 or SB 230.

The vote in the House of Delegates was 85-51 in favor.

88 Democrats Yea  – 3 Democrats Nay

48 Republicans Nay – 2 Republicans Absent

Harfords Republicans Glen Glass, Susan  McComas, Andy Cassilly and Terresa Reilly voted Nay (See photos above)

Harfords only Democrat Mary Lisanti  voted Yea.

NYMag – The Butterfly Effect: Emma Thompson Had A Chance To Save The Republic By Going On A Date With Donald Trump…But She Declined

March 24, 2017


RepubAegis – Joppa (Maryland) VFW Cancels Its Contract With White Racists Thanks To Mid Atlantic GDC

March 24, 2017


TrumpCare 2 – Improvements

March 24, 2017


Looking In The Mirror

March 24, 2017


Nepotism – Its Against The Law

March 24, 2017


Full Frontal/ Sam Bee – Trump Whisperer, Hard Power Budget & Isis Plan

March 24, 2017

Conan – Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Chancellor Merkel

March 24, 2017

WashPost -Trumps Cascade Of Lies In TimeMagazine Interview

March 23, 2017


Blend End

March 23, 2017

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Be Nice, To Your Sacrifice
  • You must basically entice
  • Your smile, your physicalgiggle
  • It’s not your dance
  • Weirdnessof your butt wiggle
  • His father resembleshim
  • His motherlooks through him
  • At you, doing what you do
  • Yet you must make him your victim
  • Withouta fight
  • Even your harsh words are polite
  • From him, your degrees of separation
  • Require your constant translation
  • Is as vast as day from night
  • But with you, he is finally free
  • Through you pleasure releases
  • His retardedhumanity
  • To doas he pleases
  • Escaping his denial
  • Reduces him to a child
  • The dreams he desires to pursue
  • Become realizable through you
  • But the significance
  • Of your difference
  • Inspires his feeling inferior
  • Reducing his instinctive anxiety
  • To weakly confide in piety
  • Compounded by a flashing leer
  • Preceded by an initial lighteningsneer
  • Yet, the shape shifting smile
  • Reduces his suspicions to a child

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Neo-Nazi Music Festival Shut Down in Joppatowne VFW

March 23, 2017      Matthew Heimbach, Neo-Nazi White Supremacist May Be the New David Duke   Racist KKK flyers in Bel Air



Jason Tankersley, Md State Skinheads, Matthew Heimbach, Neo-Nazi White Supremacicist, Steve Smith, Elected Pa. Republican, Keystone SkinheadsEas


East Coast KKK – Distributed flyers in Ellicot City, Bel Air, Towson



WashPost/Petulia Dvorak – Harford County VFW (Joppatowne) Discovers It Has Been Renting Its Hall To White Supremacists For Years

March 23, 2017



NewYorker – Gorsuch Is A Familiar Figure Grown Mysterious : The Establishment Republican (or Eddie Haskel*)

March 22, 2017

*Dan Milbank, Leave It To Neil,March 22, 2017. WashPo

“The nomination of Neil Gorsuch presents the Senate with a constitutional dilemma:  Is this nation prepared to have Eddie Haskell serving a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?”

“Gorsuch played a folksy sycophant straight out of the 1950s.”

“Its a good bet that Gorsuch,once he has charmed the grown-ups and secured nomination, will,like Haskel,reveal himself to be a rascal and cause all manner of mischief on the court with abortion and gun rights,money in politics and presidential power.”

NewYorker -How the First Amendment Applies To Trumps Lying Tweets About Obama

March 22, 2017

Anthony Jeselnik – Racism

March 22, 2017

SethMyers – Kremlin Response To Russian Interference (Monologue)

March 22, 2017

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