Blah-Blah-Blah Blast


  • No One Seemed To Notice
  • A Trojan Horse, is POTUS
  • The clouds were blacker than black
  • And growing, no rain was sowing
  • Hope ignored politicized facts
  • The day was bright
  • Without sunlight
  • Though, you couldn’t see
  • Stars at night, or moonlight
  • Exuberance fedon let things be
  • For now, no one cared
  • Speaking the truth
  • No one dared
  • It was like believing
  • Surgery could restoreyouth
  • A mannequin manning the kissing booth
  • Yet, the day was so bright
  • Without sunlight
  • Thunderous, was the crowd roar
  • Peace sponsored war
  • Lightening briefly exposed
  • The fleeting reality
  • That everyone knows
  • Just can’t be
  • A fire that burns without light
  • Violent love is deadly
  • But not considered a fight
  • But under black clouds
  • With a bleeding redlining
  • Comments that needdefining
  • The day was still bright
  • No sun, no sunlight
  • No moon at night
  • Yet hope imagined changein sight
  • And promises, promises, promises

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