Trump Met With Russians In May 2016!

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Turns out the Chumph met with the Russian spymaster on April 27th of 2016. Despite his continuous lies about never having met with the Russians.

This also suggests he received a means of communicating with the Russian spy agency, and even Putin that wouldn’t normally be picked up and analyzed by our spy agencies. All Kislyak had to do was to give him and Embassy phone. A Russian Embassy phone calling or receiving calls from Russia would not raise red flags. There is a “Gentleman’s Agreement” between most countries not to tap such communications, although it does happen. The call, based on a phone assigned to a Diplomat in the Embassy would be untraceable to Trump. It would also likely be encrypted. So there now is a plausible means by which Putin’s Bitch could communicate with his masters in Russia below the radar.

I would suggest as a starting point…

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