Blend End

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • Be Nice, To Your Sacrifice
  • You must basically entice
  • Your smile, your physicalgiggle
  • It’s not your dance
  • Weirdnessof your butt wiggle
  • His father resembleshim
  • His motherlooks through him
  • At you, doing what you do
  • Yet you must make him your victim
  • Withouta fight
  • Even your harsh words are polite
  • From him, your degrees of separation
  • Require your constant translation
  • Is as vast as day from night
  • But with you, he is finally free
  • Through you pleasure releases
  • His retardedhumanity
  • To doas he pleases
  • Escaping his denial
  • Reduces him to a child
  • The dreams he desires to pursue
  • Become realizable through you
  • But the significance
  • Of your difference
  • Inspires his feeling inferior
  • Reducing his instinctive anxiety
  • To weakly confide in piety
  • Compounded by a flashing leer
  • Preceded by an initial lighteningsneer
  • Yet, the shape shifting smile
  • Reduces his suspicions to a child

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