The Mayor Is A Mook! – TeaParty Trump-Republican Aberdeen (Md) Mayor McGrady Promotes “Idaho Potatos” In June But Opposes State/County Grant-Support For Potato Chips Made In Aberdeen In August!

Harford Progressive Caucus

Ci_Ka5xWkAAxHNZ.jpg large

Mayor McGrady is a political mook.  He and his illegitimate political council appointee Steve Goodin played fast and lose with the economic development of Aberdeen  by voting against a $1 million state grant to support Frito Lays $60 mill expansion. The same mooky McGrady wondered out loud 6 weeks ago why the Lidl grocery corp didn’t bring their hq  and distribution center to Aberdeen when they decided to put a retail outlet in town.  Its simple. Cecil  County’s deal was a $360K State loan, a $16,000 conditional loan and a $20,000 worker training grant by  Cecil’s OED.  At the time Lidl made there decision, Aberdeen City was involved in a crazy   five month long struggle to have a  council run-off vote to resolve the  tie-vote council seat. And the result was not a proper democratic process but instead it was a rigged corrupt run-off procedure that ended up putting …

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