Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Explains Why He Corrupted The Tie-Vote Dilemma With A Partisan Political Power Grab

Harford Progressive Caucus

Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady  confuses his political fantasy of democracy with reality. All the citizens in the city are not eligible to be nominated in a tie-vote . That’s bullshit. The Counsel was suppose to break the tie-vote by voting up or down on Stephen Smith or Sean DeBonis. The same type of tie-vote occurred in New Windsor, Md. It was declared a vacancy . Everybody in New Windsor wasn’t eligible. The New Windsor Council voted to break the tie. They followed the law and respected the will of the voters. McGrady is just plain corrupt and he is desperately rationalizing his corruption. The Aberdeen Council is  either going to have a run off election or its going to have a three person council for the next four years.  Everyone knows that McGrady is trying to throw out the voters ballots (655 for Smith)  in order to grab some illegitimate …

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