Harford Tea Party Attacks Councilman Lindecamp For Sponsoring the Anti-Homeless Bill – Lindecamp Says He Did Not Sponsor Ordinance, He Voted To Introduce Bill For Citizen Input

Aberdeen fining the homeless petition - rightvoiceThe local Harford Tea Party (Campaign For Liberty) has attacked  Aberdeen Councilman Timothy Lindecamp for sponsoring the “Handcuff the Homeless” ordinace. His name is listed with Sandra Landbeck as a sponsor of the bill.


The Tea Party sent its facebook attack to Lindecamp saying “They want to steal from Aberdeens homeless. Stop Them! Sign the petition”

Lindecamp denys  that he sponsored the bill. Ryan Burbey, ahedd of Harfords teacher union replies with a snapshot of the top of the ordinance  and it plainly says Landbeck and Lindecamp are the sponsors. Linedecamp says he voted to introduce the bill for citizen comment. He  says he didnt sponsor it.

The Harford Tea Party (C4L) is Mayor Pat McGradys old political organization so it looks like McGrady hornswoggled Lindecamp and Landbeck into sponsoring the bill he has drawn up.

McGrady is the main anti-homeless politician in the Aberdeen government. He stated over a year ago : “The poor will always be with us…there is nothing we can do about it.” As Mayor he has done nothing to resolve the problem accept fob it off to the County government.

Councilman Melvin Taylor suggested months ago that the town should have a citizen commission on the homeless problem. McGrady ignored the suggestion. McGrady doesnt want citizens telling him what to do about the homeless.

It looks like McGrady’s tactic here is to propose an outlandish anti-homeless bill without his fingerprints on it. He apparently told the City manager and City lawyer what he wanted. And McGrady directed his city manager to make  Landbeck and Lindecamp the sponsors. Landbeck from newsreports appears to support the bill. But Lindecamp has not spoken for or against the matter  Now Lindecamp strongly states he didnt agree to sponsor the bill.

April 10 is the scheduled date that the Council is suppose to discuss and vote on the anti-homeless ordinance.



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